Monday, March 14, 2016

The Littlest Things- Weekend In Review

"I love playtime with you mama" London said as we finished our hike through the Coulees Sunday morning. His legs were tired from climbing up and down the stairs so I caved when he asked for a piggy back. "We're best buddies right, mama?" He asked. "Right buddy."

I am still smiling about that moment right now, almost 12 hours later as I type up this post.

It's really true that kids don't need anything else but your time and attention. 

My weekend started off a little later than most as I had a long day Friday. I am working on a feature on our local hockey club so I had to cover the game after my normal work day was done. 

When I wrapped around 9:30, I wasn't ready to go home so I headed to a local pub to have a drink. I was fine with sitting at the bar, solo, but I ended up running into some people I knew and one drink turned into a few more. Next thing I know, it's 1:45 and I'm getting a ride home. What a random, fun, night!!

Saturday morning, I was up at 7:45 and out the door for my long run. This was a cut-back week but I still had 6 miles. I decided to run and get my car from my sleepover. I rode the struggle bus for a few miles. Apparently shots and lack of sleep and running don't go well together ;)

I finished 6 miles in just under 58 minutes and immediately headed to pick up London from his dad's place. 

I needed some food in my belly so we headed to Chapters/Starbucks for a snack and a new book.

Then it was home to get ready for our second musical of the week, Beauty And The Beast. The show was amazing (seriously, I teared up a few times!!)

We stayed home the rest of the night and munched on popcorn for a movie night "Monsters Inc."

Sunday morning, we headed to Cora's for a local police fundraiser. We had amazing pancakes and fresh fruit and colored. I love our little dates!

Then, it was off for our adventure in the coulees. We had a blast talking about trees, nature, shovels, dogs... Oh my gosh, his imagination is so awesome!

We had fun chasing each other up the stairs.

We took our time walking around, just soaking up our time together. 

After playing at a nearby playground, and blowing bubbles, we headed back to Starbucks and then the mall. We skipped a nap in favour of more adventure time.

We ended the night at the hockey game with his dad. 

Sunday's are family days so this was our activity we did together. It was fun despite the lack of nap ;)

How was your weekend? 

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