Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Race Recap: Moonlight Run 6K

This is my 4th time taking part in the Moonlight run. The first, four years ago, I was 10 weeks pregnant with London and didn't tell anyone I was expecting. It was my FIRST race ever and I ran/walked the 6K in 53:43.
This year, I was hoping to finish under 35 minutes. The course is tough. It starts, and ends, with a 1km hill with a 7.5 grade. I practiced it twice and was hoping to run half way, 20 second walk, and finish strong. 

I picked up my race package Saturday (they offered a Friday 6-9 and Sat 11-4 pickup.) I opted out of a shirt to save money and was in and out in less than 3 minutes.

The race had a 8pm start so I took it easy for most of the afternoon/evening. June picked me up at 7:10 and we made our way to the start. The start and finish are at a local fine arts Centre so we could wait inside, and use real bathrooms, which is always a plus. They also had heaters set up outside which came in handy after the race. 

There were 2800 people running (their largest field to date) including many of our running friends. Leighann was also there volunteering!

The 10K racers took off at 8 and the 6K group lined up shortly after. There was a quick warmup, national anthem and drawing for free shoes. It's self seeded so I lined up towards the middle. I ran into my son's daycare teacher and we grabbed a quick photo before the gun went off. 

I couldn't have gone out too fast even if I wanted to. There was quite a bit of congestion at the start. I didn't actually start running until I was about half a block away. Next year, I'll line up closer to the front.

I decided to run off feel and only look at my watch when the one mile alerts went off. I felt strong, from the start, and was passing a lot of people on the hill and river bottom trails. I downloaded a new playlist which always pumps me up!

It was hard to see some of be path, at times, but thankfully there wasn't any snow or ice to worry about this year.

Before I knew it, it was time to tackle the hill again but this time I was going UP.

I put my head down, shortened my stride and kept swinging my arms. I made it almost to the top of the hill, took a quick 15 second walk break, and then pushed myself to finish strong. I thought I was moving super slow, and I had nothing in the tank, but my splits show otherwise!


Besides the fact I felt like throwing up briefly, on the hill, I am so proud of myself! I was only 50 seconds off an age group award!

Finish Time: 32:45 (8:47/average)

I grabbed four cups of water and waited for the other girls to finish. We celebrated with cookies and pizza (they also had healthy post-race treats!)

Congrats to all my ladies, and all the other runners, on an awesome race! I'll see you next year Moonlight!

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