Monday, March 21, 2016

My handsome date to the ball and my first race of the year: Weekend In Review

Friday night, London and I got all fancy and headed to a local ball. It was a fundraiser and, this year, was a medieval theme.

They had archery, face-painting, coin toss, animal balloons and dancing.

London's favourite part was the dance. He insisted I leave him alone and just grooved on the dance floor. Next thing I knew, he was holding hands with a girl. My heart melted!!

We were home way part bedtime but it was worth it!

Saturday, I dropped him off at his dad's after picking up some tickets to our local hockey team's playoffs. Then, it was off to a sports massage. I was long overdue and had some sore muscles that needed some attention!

After lunch, a friend popped by and fixed my treadmill!!! I am so thankful! It turned out this wheel, next to the sensor, wasn't turning properly and was rubbing against the sensor. We basically used a piece of cardboard to fix it but it doesn't make any noise anymore so I consider it a success!! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing before my first race of 2016! It started at 8:15 so we didn't head out until just after 7. I'll have a full re-cap tomorrow but I PR'd and felt amazing!

After the race, June and I headed to get changed quickly (in the mall bathroom) before heading to a local pub for a drink.

From there, we were off to Melissa's birthday party! We got there late, and only stayed an hour, but it was worth it to celebrate with her!

I didn't sleep in Sunday but I was okay with that because it was so gorgeous!

I met Tawnya for a walk in the river valley and then spent some time, alone, walking around. 

I spent an hour grocery shopping and meal prepping before London and his dad came over. I made some egg muffins win turkey bacon and chickpea, bean, salad plus 5 days worth of cut up veggies (I keep hummus in the fridge at work.)

We spent the rest of the day outside. I can't get over how beautiful it was. 

How was your weekend?

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