Monday, February 22, 2016

Working in Calgary and Pole Fitness- Weekend In Review

Early Friday morning, I got a call asking if I could work in Calgary for the day. It's about a 2.5 hour drive from my place to the office so I worked out, got myself and London ready, and then dropped him off at daycare.
I work full-time as a news reporter but sometimes I get asked to anchor the news. We use the Calgary studio since we don't have enough production people to tape in Lethbridge.
It was a beautiful day for a drive and I love anchoring the news for a change of pace. Considering I hadn't done it in years, it turned out pretty well. Here's two links if you want to see me in something other than running clothes ;) (News Part 1 and News Part 2.)
I got home about 8 o'clock, watched some tv and was in bed by about 10.
Saturday morning, I was up early to head to marathon club. It was a little cool but I really wanted to run with the group and they were offering free breakfast after!! Yes, please!! Unfortunately, the guy I was running behind was extremely sick. He kept throwing up and it was turning my stomach. I tried slowing down but kept catching up to him. So, I decided to throw my pace plan out the window and speed ahead. I ended up finishing strong and felt great afterwards! YAY for no leg pain!

I chose pancakes for my breakfast and then grabbed a drink at Starbucks before heading to pick up some groceries for the week. Does anyone else put peanut butter on their pancakes? It's amazing!
I relaxed on the couch, for a bit, before tackling a few loads of laundry, cleaning, and organizing the spare room. I have a roommate moving in next weekend (it's just temporary) so I wanted to get the closet cleaned out.
Saturday night, I headed to my friend June's house for a girl's night. She used to be a pole dancing instructor and we'd been wanting her to teach us some moves. There was yummy food (June, is an amazing host) delicious drinks (and shots) and LOADS of laughs!! Pole dancing/pole fitness is a really good workout. I think we all left with a few bruises on our body. It's a steep learning curve, haha! I can't wait to do it again.

Since the videos are all hidden in a vault somewhere (and gone from SnapChat now) here are a few screen shots from the night, haha!

I love this group!!!!!

After we finished, a few of us headed to a nearby bar where I proceeded to drink more, spill June's drink and break a glass and then lip sync Justin Bieber's "sorry" to her (which conveniently came on immediately after!) We danced the night away and had a blast! We may have also had the scariest cab ride home ever. 
Thankfully, I remembered to chug water and take two Tylenol before bed as I had to pick up my car from June's place the next morning.
After some meal prep, I met Jarod and London at the park. It was a gorgeous day! London hadn't napped so he was a bit grumpy. 

We just stayed around the house, baking muffins, colouring and playing hockey, the rest of the day before both crawling into bed at 8.

How was your weekend?
Have you ever tried pole dancing?
Do you have Bieber Fever?

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