Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #49

Alright, lets kick off this Thursday like we always do.... by linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. Check out the details in her first post if you're new around here.


1. I have my first running-related speaking engagement this weekend. I'll be speaking at two Calgary run clubs about the BMO Vancouver Marathon. I'm an ambassador for the race, and they've added a lot of cool features this year, so I'm excited to chat about the race with a group of runners and hopefully convince some of them to come run it with me! 

2. I'm sticking around for the weekend for a blogger meet-up! I've been VERY lucky to make some great friends through the internet and, this week, a big group of us are gathering to celebrate Ashley's new home purchase. We're also planning to hit up a Body Pump class and brunch Sunday because that's what we do ;)

3. London is mostly looking forward to the zoo! Yep, he's making the trip too. We'll be staying at my dad's house and, after my presentation Saturday, we are off to the zoo. He's obsessed with the penguins and I think they're pretty darn cute too. It'll be an awesome mommy/son date.

4. I have some exciting things on the horizon. While, I don't like to vague-blog I'm working on something really big that I'm unable to share just yet but REALLY looking forward to sharing with you soon!!!! 

5. I posted my 2016 Race Calendar. I've been waiting a long time to feel confident that I could sign up for races. I may add a few more, local ones, in the fall but for now I'm set. I'm getting really excited for my first one in a couple weeks! 

6. Real Talk: I've been questioning  my body a little lately. I don't know if it's my Crohn's, or something else, but I've been bloated, all the time, for the past month. I seriously had to undo my pants at work the other day!! My clothes feel tighter and, although I'm not chained to the scale, I'm up quite a bit of weight since before I ran NYC in November. I am eating pretty well, staying active and getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night but nothing seems to be helping lately. I'm hoping this is just a weird  phase my body is going through and I'll start to feel like myself soon but it's just really bizarre. It doesn't feel like a typical Crohn's flare. (P.S. Telling my mom this the other day and had to reassure her I'm DEFINITELY NOT pregnant! Not possible hahahaha!) I have written and erased this post several times but I keep going back to it. I just want to be honest that I'm in a bit of a funk right now. I think some personal stress may be playing a role too.

Anyway, I am VERY blessed my leg is finally feeling so good and I'm able to do what I love again. I really should not be complaining right now!

Maybe, I should just stop writing and read THIS instead.

7. I love my job. I say this a lot but I'm pretty lucky to do what I do. This week, I interviewed Buzz Aldrin and, Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield. I could have sat and chatted with them both for hours!! Buzz took the first selfie in space so obviously our team had to grab one with him before he left.

8. I am really hoping I don't need a new treadmill. So, I've had mine for almost four years and it's now making this squealing noise when it's on. It keeps coming on "lube treadmill" and I do but every five miles it comes back on. I'm hoping it just needs a good clean and it isn't a more serious problem. I use it almost every day and definitely rely on it to get my workouts done (especially while London is sleeping!)

Any exciting weekend plans?

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  1. Don't forget that you've also been gaining a ton of upper body muscle! It's super noticeable in your back, shoulders and arms! Also your legs are getting more toned! I think you look amazing!