Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #47

Congratulations to the winners of my Premier Protein giveaway! They were all emailed yesterday!

Alright, lets kick off this Thursday like we always do.... by linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. Check out the details in her first post if you're new around here.

1. My leg/quad issues are getting better! Seriously guys, I couldn't run longer than 15 minutes, six weeks ago, and now I'm logging 90 minute long runs. I'm so excited!! Coach Suz's guidance, and acupuncture/chiro/physio, have really helped me! I'm excited that things are going in the right direction!

2. The storage on my phone is full. Guys, I have 4200 photos and 152 videos on my phone!!! I don't have a laptop, anymore, so I really need to get somewhere to store them (besides Facebook) so I can start deleting. I though 
3. Apparently, I take a lot of screen shots. 494 of those photos are screen shots. I usually grab inspirational quotes but I also save a lot of workout clothes and recipes too.

4. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I'll always remember February 10th, 2004. I was undergoing surgery for suspected bladder cancer. I woke up to the news I didn't have cancer but I had Crohn's disease. There is no cure but Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's or ulcerative colitis.) I've spent a lot of time working for Crohn's and colitis Canada to raise funds and awareness. I'm happy to currently be in remission and credit exercise, and a healthy diet, for helping keep me off any medications. I do get monthly vitamin injections and blood tests as well as annual bone density exams. I definitely consider myself one of the lucky ones. I've taken a step back from fundraising and raising awareness, since having London, but it's something I'm extremely passionate about.
5. I'm really enjoying The Bachelor this season. First of all, Ben is a STUD. He's also a really, really nice guy. Plus, the women are all gorgeous and there's enough "drama" to have the girls and I entertained. Seriously though, I hope he ends up with someone really awesome! I really like Amanda single mom for the win, woot woot) and Lauren B but they all seem great! 

6. London is finally starting to feel better. He came down with a fever Saturday night and was sick until Tuesday. I had to take time off work which is always hard but this week our city had a murder (I'm a crime reporter) which added more to my co-workers work-load. Thankfully, they're all great group and understand I was exactly where I needed to be.

7. Two words: DONUT RUN! Tonight, I'm joining my girlfriends for a 2.5KM "race" where you have to stop and eat donuts along the way. We're planning on bringing the kids and mostly walking it and then going for pizza after. I've been trying to limit my sugar and make healthy choices lately but #YOLO. When a donut runs happen you do not miss out! I should have ordered this tank from Hungry Runner Girl! 

8. I need some Disney tips! My family and I are thinking about heading to Disney this year for Christmas. London will be four so I think it's a good time. We're looking for places to stay, eat etc!! Since I'll be paying for the trip, I'm looking for ways to cut costs too! Send any info my way! 
9. I need a blog tagline. Honestly, you would think I don't write for a living. I'm in the middle of a blog re-design and can't come up with a tag-line to save my life. Please help!! Seriously though, send any ideas my way please!! 

10. Congratulations to my friend Linnden on the launch of her new clothing line. The lady behind those beautiful scarves I love now has t-shirts and tanks for ladies and kids! CHECK THEM OUT HERE. I may have already ordered a matching set for London and I. #sorrycreditcard 

Alright, I should end this now. I'll be sure to post some photos from tonight's Donut Run on my Instagram page.

How many photos do you have on your phone's Camera Roll right now?
Are you watching The Bachelor? Who do you want to see Ben end up with?
What's your favourite donut?

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  1. Wait, you type all your posts from your phone?! That's dedication. Did you hear a guy died last weekend doing a donut run? Are you doing original Disney or Florida??