Monday, February 29, 2016

Run club presentations, a day at the zoo and fun with "BLENDS,"

I usually blog from my phone but I forgot my charger in Calgary, and my cell is dead, so tonight I'm writing this on my IPad. Oh man, I need a laptop (or a bluetooth keyboard!)
Friday started off on an awesome note! I ran 10 miles! That's my longest run since my leg injury and I didn't experience an leg pain or tightness! I was up at 4, to get it done, but the time flew by as I watched Fuller House on Netflix. Anyone else seen it yet? I'm on episode six and can't wait to watch the rest.

After work, London and I hit the road for the two hour drive to Calgary. We were staying with my dad so we arrived at his place, had supper and then spent a couple hours catching up. As usual, I was in bed by 9. #partyanimal

We had a 6:30 wake up call, since I was doing a presentation at a Calgary run club as part of my role as a RunVan ambassador for the BMO Vancouver Marathon. Although public speaking terrifies me, it went well! 

London and I grabbed Starbucks after, dropped off a stroller to a friend, and then headed to the zoo for a few hours. I ended up buying us annual memberships since it pays for itself in three visits and I know we will be there a lot over the next twelve months.

We were at the zoo 9:30-1:15 and, by that time, London was ready to nap. He slept while my dad and I played Gin and Crib. We spent the night either friends celebrating Ashley's new house! The internet introduced me to these ladies but we've developed real friendships. They're all smart, kind, beautiful, talented women and I am lucky to have them in my life.

Sunday morning was another early morning wake up as I had another run club Presentation. There were over 100 people there but it went great! 

London stayed with dad so I could meet Jen and Ashley for a 4-mile run after and then a Body Pump date.

What better way to end a day filled with fitness than eating? The Ranche is beautiful and the food was amazing!! London and I shared the Belgium Waffles and I would definitely recommend it! 

He fell asleep 10 minutes after we left the restaurant and slept the whole way home. 
Overall, it was an amazing weekend and I'm looking forward to my next trip to Calgary! 

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