Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Race Recap- Inaugural Donut Dash

I've been craving a race lately. That heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled, euphoric feeling that only comes from toeing the line of a race. I haven't raced since the Rock N Roll Vegas 5K  in November; and, because I had ran the NYC Marathon less than two weeks earlier I didn't want to push it.

I haven't posted my 2016 race calendar because I don't know what I'm going to be able to do this year. Thankfully, my leg is recovering and I'm at a point where I am running pain-free with only a little discomfort.

So, although I'm not racing right now, I did run my first "race" of 2016. When my Physiotherapist first told me he was organizing a Donut Dash I didn't hesitate to sign up. I also convinced most of my friends to run it with me!

The idea behind a Donut Dash is you are required to run to check points, then you must eat a minimum of ONE donut (full-sized) before you can continue on to the next one. 

The race was being held at a local lake and the package pick-up was 5:15-5:45 (for a 6pm race start.) 

I met the girls at the starting area around 5:30 Thursday night. We picked up our free toque and glow sticks (no bibs or chip timers) and took photos while we waited for things to get underway.

At 5:55, we lined up (near the back) and listened to instructions from the race director. My friend Danielle had brought along her selfie-stick so we grabbed another group photo before we were off.

The idea was to run the race together. We are all different speeds and some of the ladies hadn't run in months. We wanted to just have fun (spoiler: mission accomplished!)

We started off a bit too fast (story of my life) but slowed down and kept it around an 11-12 minute mile for the rest of the course.

There were two donut stations. The first, at the 1km mark. We all ran up and grabbed a donut and started chowing down. 

I haven't been eating a lot of treats, or sugar in general, lately so it tasted SO SWEET! I grabbed a glazed donut. My friend, June grabbed a Boston Cream and says that was definitely a rookie mistake! We all tried to eat as fast as we could so we could head out. 

We spent a few minutes at the station before heading off to the next stop. It was getting dark but the lake area is lit fairly well and the ice on the water, under the moonlight, looked gorgeous. 

We approached the second station and most of us knew we weren't going to be able to stomach another full-sized donut (seriously, the first just sat in our guts!) So, we grabbed a few and started breaking them into pieces and sharing. It was a lot harder the second time to get moving quickly.

From there, we took off towards the finish line. Although the race was advertised as a 2.5KM race my GPS had us at just over 3KM (1.92 miles = 3.08 KM)

We finished as a group with smiles on our faces (and full bellies!!)

I love being able to just have fun at a race and enjoy the whole experience. I am really lucky that most of my friends are runners too and are always up for my silly ideas ;)

After the race, we headed to a local pizza joint to eat, drink and just catch-up! Sometimes life gets busy, and I'm lucky these ladies know the importance of making time for each other.

Thanks for the adventure ladies!! Who's in for next year? ;)  


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