Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My 2016 Race Calendar

I've had this in my drafts for MONTHS and I'm finally able to publish it now. I really wanted to see how my leg was feeling before I committed to a bunch of races. So, here's what I have planned so far. 

Moonlight 6K, March 19th

This won't be an all-out effort but it will be my first official (chip-timed) race of 2016. I'm dying to get back to racing  again and excited to start with this one. Funny story, this was my first ever race in 2012 when I was 10 weeks pregnant with London (I walked the whole thing and stopped running, because of medical issues, shortly after.) No one knew, so, it was our little secret. I also ran it as my first post-baby race (the 10K) in 2013. 

My first race! 10 weeks pregnant with London
Lethbridge Road Race 4M, April 9th
This is a nice, easy, race with a mostly flat course. I'll be pushing London in the running stroller so no PR attempts here. Again, this is just to get some more racing under my belt before my big races. I ran this race, once, when London was 6 months old. There's also a 10 mile option. 

4 Mile Road Race- April 2013

Coaldale Family Fun Run 5K, April 16th
I will hopefully be working on speed work for this one. I would like to try for a sub 25 minutes (PR is 23:52) but we will see what Coach says. The course is very fast (and flat) and I've been lucky to do very well here. I placed second in my AG in 2014 and 4th in 2015. 

2nd Place A/G award- April 2014

BMO Vancouver Marathon (or Half Marathon) May 1st
This race distance is still undecided. While I would like to run the marathon I'm pretty sure my leg is not ready for my sub 4 goal.
Calgary Half Marathon, May 29th
I'll be running this race with friends, for fun, but hoping to keep it in the 1:55-2:05 range. I've done the half marathon twice and the 10K once. 

Some of the girls- June 2015
Rock N Roll San Diego 5K and Half Marathon (Remix) June 4th/5th
Again, both of these races are for fun. I'm excited for a mini getaway! 
SeaWheeze 2016 , August 13th ***sold out***
This is my Half Marathon goal race. I got my current PR 1:51:xx there in 2015 and hope to beat that this year.

***FALL MARATHON TBD*** September/October

If I don't run the full in Vancouver I'm going to try and find a flat and fast full to train for in the fall. So far, I'm looking at Kelowna or Chicago as options. Or, Victoria if I want more a fun, hometown, race experience (my brother/sister-in-law and family live there.)

Lethbridge Police Service 5K- October 1st

I'm on the organizing committee for this race. It was my first Half Marathon in 2014 but this year I'm sticking to the 5K. It's London's birthday so I'm hoping to run the race together. Last year, I ran the 5K and finished 2nd woman overall which was pretty awesome! It's a fast course (with a big net downhill) so it's definitely PR friendly!

Rock N Roll Las Vegas 5K and Half Marathon (Remix) November 12th/13th

Racing for fun with friends! I may try for a 5K PR if I'm feeling strong (aka had enough sleep/water) but no pressure.

What's on your race calendar this year?
What distance would you love to PR this year? 

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  1. I ran the moonlight 2012 pregnant too! I'm also running the sea Wheeze, it's my first half!