Monday, February 1, 2016

Marathon Monday: An Update!!

The only downfall to having a coach that lives 1537 miles away is I don't get to see her face-to-face. Not that it's necessary but she's pretty awesome and I think we would have a lot of fun together!

23 hours in a car doesn't sound too bad.....
Thankfully, technology allows us to interact almost daily! 

Late last week, Coach Suz and I were able to have a phone chat to talk about my training and my sub-four goal for the Vancouver Marathon. We have been slowly building my mileage in a safe way as I work to get my quad injury fixed. Thankfully, a combination of acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiro and sports massages seem to be helping (albeit a lot slower than this determined runner would like!)
I'm still doing running intervals (now with one continuous mile at the end of my runs) and am at about 20-25 miles a week plus my cross-training. A part of me wants to say I'm not where I'd like to be but I'm also proud of how smart we are being.

Vancouver isn't out of the picture!!

Coach Suz and I decided we are just going to continue what we're doing and talk again in another month. As she explained, "we are improving, now we keep evaluating." Every athlete hits one Aerobic Peak a year. We both want to make sure Vancouver is it for me. If not, I'll hopefully still run the marathon but have a different race day strategy. 
We also talked a little bit about pacing. I have been running really slow (for me) and was worried I was losing a lot of speed. Coach explained to me that 80% of my runs should be, and feel, easy! I've always been the person who ran two speeds (training and race day.) Basically, I should be able to have a conversation (even sing) at the speed I'm running right now! Good to know.... bring on the Biebs! 

Real Talk: I'm really happy with where things are at. I've had some ups and downs with this injury, and life in general, but I'm trying to stay positive for the most part. If anything, this injury has made me so much stronger mentally. Also, I discovered I really do love cross-training (I may even have some baby biceps developing!!)

It means a lot that Coach told me I have a positive attitude. I really love running and I LOVE having a running coach to make me a better runner. Although our training period is so much different than we both probably expected we are doing a great job of navigating it together. I love getting my plans and filling out my completed sheets. I love making her proud
So, although it's not a 100% decision this is where things stand.

Thanks Coach Suz!
For now, I'll continue to work hard and train smart.

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