Monday, February 15, 2016

Marathon Monday- Cautiously Optimistic

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is 75 Days Away.
It's kind of funny to think about the countdowns I used to have leading up to my first marathon. Honestly, I just had to go to the Vancouver website to find out how many days away it was. Leading up to NYC I ALWAYS knew how many days away it was.
I guess the reason I don't know is because I'm still unsure if I'll even be running the full marathon in Vancouver. I'm not putting any pressure on myself. If it happens AWESOME. If I have to run the half marathon, and run a full marathon, GREAT. I'm just so happy to be pain-free running that I'll do anything to stay this way.

In case you missed it, I've been re-capping my weekly workouts on Friday's now as part of a weekly Friday Fitness link-up. Although, I track all my workouts on my phone, in my agenda, AND in my believe calendar (seriously) I want to have something online to keep me accountable.
Fitness Friday #1
Fitness Friday #2
So, my running has been pain-free for about two weeks now. Until recently, I had a LOT of tenderness/swelling AFTER my runs. It wasn't painful but noticeable. Massaging, foam rolling and compression socks would help but it would usually last a few hours.
For the last few runs that hasn't been happening on the same level. It's a little tight after but it's usually gone within an hour or two. 
I think we're on to something here.
Today, my coach had me run my first run with NO Intervals. It was weird. I did my 10 minute walking warm-up and then ran for 30 minutes. I didn't stop. It felt AMAZING.

I followed it up with 6 strides and then a 10 minute walking cool-down.
My leg felt perfect. 
I kept waiting for something to happen. I kept expecting to feel that familiar pain or tightness. It never happened.
So, although I'm not sure what race I'll be in 75 days, I'm know I'll be exactly where I'm supposed to be.

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