Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Weekend Filled With Love & My Valentine

Although this Valentine's Day looked a little different than the majority of them, over the past 12 years, at the end of the day I felt extremely loved and blessed.

Rewinding to Friday, London and I headed out to watch our local hockey team. They had an earlier game, than usual, so we were able to stay for most of it. London had fun belting out Oh Canada, cheering on the home team and playing mini-sticks with some kids in the intermission. 

Saturday morning, he woke up and asked if we were going to go workout. Since I had done my long run the day before I was supposed to take an active rest day; but, he insisted on going to the gym together. I'm never going to turn down a chance to promote fitness! So, off we headed to a Body Pump class. I'm glad I did it! It's still one of my favourite workouts! 

We headed to Costco after where I eyed up a Fitbit or ViVosmart for myself. I love Garmin so I am thinking I may go with the Vivo. I just need to do more research first. London spoiled me by picking out some flowers for his Valentine (I paid ha ha!)

I had planned a fun date night for the two of us so we got dressed up and headed out. 

Our first stop was the local "cheap" theatre for a movie. Then, to a restaurant for supper. I didn't think to make reservations, and the place was packed, but luckily they squeezed us in!

We were in and out of the restaurant fairly quickly as I wanted to make a quick appearance at our friend Danielle's birthday party! 

I wish we could have stayed longer but we were both exhausted after a busy day!

Sunday, London managed to sleep in so I was up early to get his present ready and prep breakfast. 

When he finally woke up, ge insisted on decorating his own pancakes with cool whip and sprinkles. Let's just say, we no longer have any red sprinkles in the container ;)

Since it was a beautiful day we decided to go for a long walk to the park. 

We spent a long time there before continuing a walk around our neighbourhood. 

What better way to end Valentine's Day then a date with my friend June to go watch "How To Be Single?" It was really funny and also eerily similar to my life, haha! 

How was your Valentine's Day?
What's the last movie you saw in the theatre? 

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