Monday, February 1, 2016

A memorable and milestone weekend!

This weekend was amazing in so many ways. I love spending time with London and we pack our days together.

Friday, I picked London up from daycare and we ended up having a quiet night at home. London played with his new weight bench I picked up from him and we played toys before having an early night.

Saturday morning, I was up early to get my six mile run in. Unfortunately, London didn't want to sleep in so he ended up joining me downstairs. I did a ten minute walking warm-up, followed by 6:2 Intervals for 4.5 miles and then finished with 1.5 continuous.

London and I ate a quick breakfast and then headed off to a local gymnastics centre for their morning drop-in session. We spent an hour playing floor hockey, jumping on the trampoline and foam pit, and practicing our beam walks.

Then, it was off to our local Michael's. The store offers $2 crafts for kids on Saturday mornings. We ended up doing a felt flower and it took about half an hour.

Then, our bi-weekly Starbucks date complete with a cookie and a new book at the attached Starbucks.

After a nap, London and I headed to the movies. He wanted to see Norm Of The North (again) so we did. It's a super cute movie and we stayed during the credits so London could dance! This little guy loves to shake it!

We went straight from the movie out to supper. I told London we were on a date, which he loved. It was packed at Browns, so we sat at the bar and we chatted and watched the NHL All Star competition.

Then, it was off to a nearby frozen yogurt shop for a late night treat.

We headed home and I planned on getting us ready for bed but London decided to FINALLY poop on the potty (he's been pee trained since October!) I had to be tough on him but we got it done so we celebrated with a kinder egg at 8:45 at night! Hey, when I make a promise I keep it hahaha! I'm seriously so proud of him and I could tell just how happy he was with himself. We eased into it by using pull-ups (he would ask for one when he need to poop) then transitioned to him sitting on the toilet, with a pull-up to poop and then eventually I cut a hole in the back of the pull-up. Yes, it was a lot of work and, at times, exhausting and frustrating but I'm happy it's over!

Sunday morning, we were up early and made some peanut butter banana protein muffins. Then, we decided to bundle up and head to the park to play. It was cold, and windy, but we were wearing enough layers to stay toasty! Plus, we had the park to ourselves!

We stayed for about 30 minutes and then headed home for some home-made protein hot chocolate. I posted the recipe on my Instagram (@KaellaOnTheRun) page.

After his nap (during which I did laundry, cleaned, washed dishes and meal-prepped) I dropped him off at his dad's house for a couple hours so I could go to a 90 minute Yin Class. It's one of my favourite classes but it is also really hard for me. I have the tightest hips so some of the poses are extremely hard for me. I've only been going for three weeks, though, and I can already see some improvement. Plus, I know it'll make me a better runner if I keep it up!

After picking London up from his dad's, we headed home for some more playing, colouring and bath-time! 

London took this (and about 50 other photos)

I stayed up a little too late (10 o'clock) and was happy I got to sleep in until 5 this morning.

I hope you had a great weekend too!

What was the highlight of your weekend? I have 2: My date night with London & him being potty trained! 

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