Monday, January 11, 2016

Marathon Monday: When Your Body Challenges You

Hello! Yes, two posts within 24 hours. Look at me go, haha! 
I've been wanting to post about my Vancouver training update for awhile now and this will be a perfect place to do that. I am hoping to pop in every Monday with my new feature "Marathon Monday." (Yes, I like alliteration.) 
Although my 2016 race calendar isn't finalized yet there are a number of races I am committed to running. The first one is the Vancouver Marathon on May 1st. I'm actually a #RunVan race ambassador but even if I wasn't I would be running it anyway.
After completing the NYC Marathon (Race Recap), in November, I decided I REALLY wanted to train for a sub 4 Marathon. After researching all my options for a spring race I decided Vancouver was the best bet for me. The proximity to family, (mostly) flat course and timing just worked. Plus, they have a kids race that London can participate in which was important. He loves to cheer on his mommy but he also likes to run and get medals too.
Unfortunately, my leg hasn't been 100% cooperating since after NYC (and Vegas two weeks later.)
I've been undergoing Physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and seeing a chiropractor. Acupuncture seems to have been helping the most (or maybe it's just because it's been 6+ weeks) so things ARE improving daily though and I'm hopeful I can still race. This weekend I did 7.5 miles PAIN FREE so there is hope!! 

My running coach has no doubt I can run a marathon but we have to decide if I'll be able to reach my sub 4 goal or drop down to the half marathon and race a full marathon another time. I don't want to "waste my marathon" if that makes sense.
Marathons are TOUGH on your body. At least, they are for me. I'm a one-a-year- marathoner and I really wanted that sub-four. I want to give myself the best chance of reaching it by entering a training cycle healthy.  
Coach and I are going to make that decision at the end of the month.
So, in the meantime, I've been following her plans for about a month. I'm running short intervals, walking hills and strength training. I'm also cross-training with spin and booty barre and taking active rest days which involve long walks, play dates with London or yoga.
So, things are a little up in the air for me right now. I'm still focused on getting to Vancouver though. Whether it be the full marathon, half, or 8K I'll be there!

A friend sent me this the other day... 

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