Monday, January 18, 2016

Marathon Monday: When Training Looks Different. Week #1 BMOVAN Training Recap

For me, training for a race has always been about running. Up until my NYC Marathon training (the first three months at least) I only ever ran. I never incorporated any weight training. Even when my Physiotherapist told me I had some "weak areas" that needed attention I didn't take it as seriously as I should (sorry Bruce!)

Since I have been running as much as I would like, the past 8ish weeks, I've been forced to focus on other areas. 

I must admit, I kind of love it.

I started incorporating weekly Body Pump, Spin and Yoga classes in to my exercise routine. I also added walking hills (those make me SWEAT) and weights.

Of course, I've also been keeping up with Physio, Sports Massages and Acupuncture in the hopes of healing this quad problem for good!! (still not there yet, but it's getting better!)

So, while my BMO Vancouver Marathon training doesn't look like I thought it would, right now, I'm happy with where I am. 

Here's a lot at my Week #1 Training

Sunday, January 10th- Active Rest Day
  • 1 Hour Warm Yin Yoga
Monday, January 11th- 
  • 30 minutes of 3 and 2 Intervals + 1 Mile Continuous Run
  • 45 minutes of Lower Body Strength Training
Tuesday, January 12th 
  • 45 minutes of Walking Hills 
  • 45 minutes of Upper Body Strength Training
Wednesday, January 13th
  • 50 minute Spin Class
  • 60 minute Yoga Class (Grounding Series)

Thursday, January 14th
  • 30 minutes of 3 and 2 intervals & 1 mile Continuous Run
  • 60 Minute Body Pump Class
Friday, January 15th
Saturday, January 16th
  • 75 minutes of 3 and 2 Intervals + 1 Mile Continuous Run
  • 25 minutes Core Work
Sunday, January 17th
Week 2 will focus on shorter walk breaks to really test my Quad.
I have 2 acupuncture sessions, two sports massages and a physio appointment too! Come on leg!
Do you prefer strength training or cardio?
Have you ever been injured? How long were you out for?
What are you training for?

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