Sunday, January 10, 2016

Casino Concert, Hockey Game and Trying Yoga

**I am having some photo format issues so please bear with me!**

My friend June and I clicked from the very beginning. We met at a courthouse (we were both working, not the subject of any criminal matters haha) and I invited her to my weekly Bachelor nights. The rest is history ;)

We have been friends for about two years now. She's in a long distance relationship so, on the weekends she is here and I don't have London, we soak up our time together. This weekend we definitely succeeded!

Friday night, I invited her to be my date to our staff night at the casino. One of my co-workers was performing with their band so we sat around and listened to live music, and chatted, for a couple hours. Neither of us wanted to gamble after our recent trip to Vegas! It was my first real taste of my no-eating out month. My co-workers ordered lots of food to share. Thankfully, I had eaten supper and packed some purse snacks and water. We were home by about 10.

Saturday morning, I was up early for my first long run since my injury in November. Coach Suz had me doing a 10 minute walking warmup, 60 minutes of 3 and 2 intervals and then a one mile continuous run and one mile walking cool down. While I had some minor leg stiffness it felt amazing! I'm hopeful acupuncture is helping. 

I enjoyed an Epsom salt bath and devoured this book for most of the afternoon. Have you read it? I am about half way through and love it!

Saturday night, June picked me up and we went to cheer on/people watch at our local hockey rink. 

Again, I packed some purse snacks and drooled over June's fresh pretzel, ha ha! The guy next to us even offered us his mini donuts. There are temptations everywhere!

We had fun listening to the play-by-play of the guy behind us and dreaming about what we would do if we won the powerball or the 50/50 at the game which was sitting at six thousand dollars! Sadly, we won't neither but still had a blast! Plus, we won 7-1 and everyone got a coupon for a free taco. Victory! 

Sunday morning, I was busy. I did laundry, vacuumed, tides up and then did a one-hour total body workout.

**Rest 60-90 seconds after each set**

I was meeting June at a yoga studio for my first official class so I wanted to get things done early. We ended up taking the warm yin and I loved it! I discovered I have very tight hips and feet but the stretching felt amazing. I bought a one-month unlimited pass so I can go back at least once a week and try some other classes.

From yoga, I met up with Jarod and London for some sledding. It had been freezing (-20 to -30) all weekend but thankfully it was only about -1 so we decided to head to a nearby hill. We had so much fun!! 

We got home around 4 and London was starving so we tried a new baked oatmeal recipe from Skinny Taste. It was delicious and I made extra to have for breakfast this week.

After spending a half hour fighting about the potty (London refuses to poop on it) we settled in to watch a show. Well, London did and I meal prepped and planned my workouts for the week. 

We ended the night colouring and reading the books.

It's going to be a VERY busy week! Let's hope my leg starts cooperating and I can start to officially train for Vancouver soon!! Stay tuned for my first Marathon Monday post soon!

How was your weekend?
Have you read the Cameron Diaz book? Thoughts?
What's your favourite activity to do in the winter? 
Hot yoga? Yay or Nay?

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