Monday, December 21, 2015

Workouts, Me-Time and De-Cluttering: My Weekend In Review

It's no secret, I try to keep myself busy when London is with his dad. This weekend was no different. London left on Thursday and I won't see him until after Christmas.

Friday, I headed straight from work to spin class. I hadn't been to spin in months and it showed. Since it was only a 30 minute class, I went a half hour early to get a full 60 minute workout in. 

I struggled through the whole class but it gives me something to build on. I'm actually heading back tonight with a friend who's never been before. I'm excited to see how she likes it. 

After spin, my friend Tawnya came over. I had 8 bins of London's clothes I wanted her to go through. She ended up filling up a bin and a big bag. I love being able to hand down his clothes. I am going to donate the rest.

She already sent me a photo of Bodhi in a hand-me down and it was so sweet to see!

Saturday I was up early and at the gym when it opened at 8 am. I foam rolled then did a 5 minute walking warm up on the treadmill and then 25 minutes of run/walk intervals. 

Then, I headed into the studio for a 60 minute body pump class. It was my third clas in a week. I love it!

I finished my workout with 35 minutes of run/walk intervals before heading for a 30 minute massage. She only worked on my upper leg and hopefully helped work some kinks out. My leg is getting better but the tightness still happens... Just at the 40-45 minute mark of my run instead of 15 minutes like in the past. That's why I'm slowing way down and sticking to intervals for now. 

Then, it was off for pedicures with Melis and June and brunch at a new restaurant where I basically inhaled the oatmeal I ordered!

I met a girl at the gym a couple weeks ago (my instructor) and she invited me to her Christmas party Saturday night so I went. It was a little scary going to a party where I (kind of) knew one person but it ended up being fun! Her friends were really sweet and welcoming! 

Sunday I cleaned. I did an overhaul of my basement and ended up selling quite a few things. I'm hoping to expand my at-home gym so I needed to make more room.



I was supposed to go to a movie with friends but they all ended up cancelling because they were sick so I went solo. I saw sisters and laughed a lot!! Then, I picked up a few last minute things at the mall (madness) and treated myself to a Starbucks. One of my runner friends ended up meeting me there and we talked about running for an hour! It was nice to have the company!

Today was the first day I've really talked to London since he left. That was really nice. He's having a blast in Saskatchewan but I can't wait to see him again! 

How was your weekend? 

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  1. I wish we could declutter! I want to save all of Wes's stuff in case there's another, but we don't have a true basement (we use it as a second living room and bar) and there's limited storage space. I don't think ice had a Starbucks in MONTHS!!! :(