Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #42

I know it's been a fast week when I'm already writing another Thinking Out Loud post! As always, I'm linking up with AmandaIf you don't know how the link-up works check out her first post. Basically, it's a chance for you to get all your random thoughts out and then link up with others doing the same.

1. I have so many things I want to blog about but need some time to sit down and write. I plan to recap my year of running, 2015 goals, set new goals, announce my 2016 race calendar and more! I should have some free time this weekend so that's what I'll be doing.

2. My coach is the best. Tuesday, I announced I'm working with Coach Suz as I try to go sub 4 at the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May! She responds to my emails so fast, helps with all my questions and makes me feel okay about rescheduling a workout to hang out with London. I've since connected with some of her other running clients and I'm looking forward to cheering them on during their training too! 

3. London's gone with his daddy now. They left for Saskatchewan this morning and I already miss him. I took a lot of extra photos and videos, the last couple weeks, so I can look at them when I'm missing him. He's going to have a BLAST with his daddy, and extended family, though which makes me happy. Thankfully, we Facetime every night which makes it a little (tiny) bit easier.

4. Christmas is in 8 days! Seriously, how is that even possible!? I wish I had more time to do more holiday-type things but it just seems to have come out of nowhere! I AM happy London and I were able to cross everything off of our holidays bucket list though! Last night, was one of my favourites. We picked up hot chocolate, added marshmallows I had brought from home, and drove around looking at Christmas lights. His eyes were huge "Look at THAT one mama! It's so pretty. Let's decorate our house like that." 

5. I'm heading to the West Coast soon! I'm so excited to go back to White Rock and spend time with my family and friends. I wasn't supposed to go home this year (London and I do every-other year) but we made it work! I'm also there for New Year's Eve which means I can celebrate English New Year's at 4pm with my mom and maybe even do the Polar Bear Swim! Plus, running along the beach is kind of my favourite thing ever.

6. But first... I'm off to Calgary. I have a few more days of work and then I'm heading to Calgary for a couple days. I'm hoping to take in a class at GoodLife while I'm there since their gym offers classes our local gym does not. I am also hoping to meet up with a few of my Calgary blogger friends for a class or run or brunch!

7. London got his soccer photos taken a couple months ago and we got them back Tuesday. I'm dying at how cute they are!

8. I love my girls. I hosted a girls and their kids Christmas party Monday. We had a great turnout. There was lots of food, yummy drinks and great company! I'm extremely thankful to have these ladies in my life.

9. I am not excited about Star Wars. I think I may be one of the only people but I don't plan on seeing it. I haven't seen any of them and they really don't interest me. 

10. I have a massage and pedicure scheduled this weekend. With London gone with his dad, I'm taking some time for myself. I have a full schedule of workouts and appointments until I head to Calgary. 

11. Who else is pumped for Fuller House? Netflix US just announced it's being released in February! I hope it airs on Canadian Netflix too!

Alright, that's all I have time for today. Have a wonderful weekend! I'll chat with you on Monday.

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  1. Your party was so fun!

    Glad you were able to make white rock work.

    Yay for pedicures!

    I also have never seen Star Wars not do I have any desire to!