Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Year Of Running- 2015

2015 was the year I dreamed big. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and run a marathon. Plus, I PR'd my 5K, 10K and Half Marathon distances. It's going to be tough to top that but I'm absolutely up for the challenge next year.

Linking up with Eat Pray Run DC to look back at my year of running:
Best Race Experience:
Hands down. The NYC Marathon. Despite being sick and not reaching my goal time I had a BLAST! I never thought I would run a marathon but this year I did just that. Plus, I ran it in my favourite city! I re-read my race recap at least once a week and can't help but get emotional. I did it. And, now I'm getting ready to train to do it all over again.

Close Second: London's first race at the Calgary Kids Marathon in May. I loved being able to run beside him. Plus, some of our family and friends stayed to cheer him on. Watching him get his first medal was a pretty cool moment! He didn't take it off for a week!

Best Run:
The Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. I got to pace two of my friends for their first Half Marathon and, even though it was tough, we had a blast doing it! The run made our friendship even stronger and made the girls realize what they are truly capable of. It was so inspiring to see these ladies push through so many obstacles (wind, rain, knee pain, lack of course support) and finish! It's easily the most emotional I've been for a race but one of my favourite experiences of the year.
Close Second: SeaWheeze. The course is beautiful, the volunteers and spectators are amazing and I scored some awesome new lulu gear. Plus, I got to meet some new faces at the We Run Social meet-up. Plus, I got a new Half Marathon PR!

Best New Piece Of Running Gear:
My Pro Compression socks. I learned just how awesome they are with recovery. I would get horrible leg pains, in the middle of the night, after a long training run and as soon as I put these socks on they would stop. Now, I wear them during all my runs and recovery. I even wear them flying to help with circulation. 
Close Second: My Garmin ForeRunner 220. Technically I got it, for myself, last Christmas but I didn't really start using it until this year. I love that I can program in my workouts beforehand (it's great for Intervals) and it's also my best friend/worst enemy on Race Day ;) 
Most Inspirational Runner:
This is a three-way-tie. I have to pick my friends Carlee and Brian and Janae from Hungry Runner Girl. All three of them chased BIG goals this year and didn't hesitate to put them out there. It can be scary to share your dreams but they never hesitated. Even when they weren't able to quite get there they kept a positive attitude which only inspired me even more! They may not know it but they inspire so many people on a daily basis.

Close Second: I also need to mention I'm so inspired by my local tribe of runners and bloggers who continue to work hard to accomplish their dreams and support me as I try and work hard towards mine. Thank you.

Favourite Picture: 
About to cross the finish line of the NYC Marathon. Wearing London's favourite saying "To infinity And Beyond" on the back of my shirt because I wanted a little piece of him with me on race day. 

Close Second:  Celebrating London's 2nd Race with him at the finish line of the LRPS race in August.

Race Experience You Would Repeat:
NYC Marathon. Without a doubt. I hope to be back again someday. 
If You Could Sum Up Your Running Year What Would It Be:
Exciting. Challenging. Memorable. A Dream Come True.
What was your favourite race experience in 2015?
Which race would you like to repeat someday?

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  1. What a fantastic year of running you had. I think it does take a lot of courage to reach for big goals and let everyone know about them. That will be my plan for 2016.