Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Traditions

I'm hitting publish on this post, working a few more hours, and then I'm catching a flight to Calgary. I'll be there for a few days before London comes home and then we're off to Vancouver/White Rock for our a holiday! I can't wait! Anyway, things will be a a little quiet over here for a few days as I enjoy some downtime. As always, you can follow my adventures/workouts on Instagram.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. 
Throwback to when my mom's hair was very tall 
Today, I am linking up with Jen from Bagels To Broccoli for a fun Christmas survey.
Eggnog or Hot Chocolate:
Hot chocolate. Bonus points if it's made with peppermint and Soy milk.

Do you get presents from Santa?
Yes, my mom still marks some of my gifts from the Big Guy and takes care of stockings. My brother usually makes sure the cookies and milk are gone ;)
Multi-colour tree lights or white?
I prefer white, and so does my mom, but my stepdad loves to throw on all the colours. It is nice to see how proud he is of the tree every year.
Do you hang mistletoe?
Nope, never. I wouldn't be opposed to it if I had a cute boy in my life though ;)
When do you decorate for Christmas?
The middle of November. I love to be able to enjoy the decorations for at least a month. Plus, we're usually on the road for the actual holiday so it's nice to have them up before we have to leave.
What is your favourite holiday dish?
My mom's Roasted Potatoes. The funny thing is there's always a story about the potatoes. One year, they started the oven on fire. One year, we actually forgot them in the oven and no one noticed until we were done supper (potatoes for dessert!) 
Favourite holiday memory?
Spending the holidays with my Nana and Gaga. My Nana LOVED Christmas and always made it about the kids. She knew how to make us feel loved (and I'm not just talking about gifts although she definitely spoiled us!)
This is my Nana. She was the best.
What's on your Christmas wish list?
I don't need anything but running stuff is usually a safe bet. I am hoping to score a spin bike, weight bench and exercise class-passes in the boxing day sales though.
Christmas 2013
Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve?
Sometimes we get to open ONE but the majority when we wake up. When I was married, his family did it Christmas Eve and I could never understand why (Santa hadn't even come yet!) 

How do your decorate your tree?
White Lights and ornaments collected over the years. I have some from my childhood and I add at least one new one every year. Nothing matches and it's absolutely perfect.
Snow: Love it or Hate it?
I don't love it but I don't hate it either. It's fun to dress warm and go play outside with London. I don't like when I'm stuck outside for work and my hands and toes are freezing. Plus, running in the snow does not excite me.
Real tree or fake? 
I love real trees but we've had fake for a few years now because of traveling over the holidays.
What's your favourite holiday tradition?
Christmas crackers at supper.They remind me of when my grandparents were alive. I love that we sit around the table together and aren't afraid to look silly in our matching hats.
My mom and Step-dad in 2009
What is your favourite Christmas carol?
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.
Favourite Christmas Movie:
There are so many. Miracle on 34th Street (remake) The Holiday and Elf! 
Christmas Morning Tradition.

I'm usually the first one awake so I wait until everyone else is up and then we do stockings, gifts and then a big breakfast. 
Taking photos waiting for everyone else to wake up
This year will be different as I'm spending the holidays with my dad for the first time since I was 13. London is with his dad. We are having another Christmas on "Boxing Day" with my mom, stepdad, brother, niece and London which I'm so excited for!
Christmas with the family 2011
Do you write Christmas cards.
I used to. I'm hoping to bring the tradition back next year as I love receiving them!
What's your favourite holiday tradition?
Favourite thing to eat on Christmas Day?

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  1. Enjoy some down time and enjoy the holidays! Your mom's hair would fit right in here in Texas ;)