Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend In Review & Another London Update

You are all so sweet with your kind messages about London. It was another roller-coaster weekend. 
London ended up being allergic to his antibiotics (despite being a distant relative of penicillin) so he was covered in a rash Saturday morning and that warranted another trip to the hospital for a steroid shot and new drugs for his swollen throat. The good news is he seems to FINALLY feeling better.
Lets back up to Friday. I was off work to take care of London. Early in the morning, my fridge and dishwasher both decided to start leaking water (they have both since stopped.) It was a mess and I may have shed a few tears trying to figure out what was happening and solve the problem myself. 

Shortly after, our friends Tawnya and her daughter S stopped by with get-well presents for London and a bottle of wine for me!  London's dad picked him up after work so I poured myself a glass of wine and spent the night chatting with a friend and eating candy.
Saturday morning, I was up early for Body Pump. I haven't been to a class in AGES and it felt great to be back!! 
I ended up chatting with the instructor, and another girl after, and we exchanged numbers to hang out. I love making new friends! The instructor also has a three-year-old so we're hoping to plan some play dates soon. Plus, she's a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan so I invited her to our weekly viewing parties (once the season starts in January!)
As I was about to hit the treadmill, I got the call we had to take London to the hospital.
After he was back at his dad's, sleeping, I decided to get some fresh air. I headed out for a very easy, slow, there miles. My quad still acts up after about 2-3 miles so I wanted to take it easy. It felt great to get outside and my new Mizuno jacket kept me nice and warm!!

I spent the rest of the night doing laundry and cleaning and then watched Elf (classic) with another glass of wine.

Sunday morning I spent a couple hours running around to try and find a Christmas ornament for our Canadian blogger ornament exchange. I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn't find it anywhere. I ended up going in a different direction but I still think Lindsey will like it! Now, I have to get it in the mail!! I also grabbed myself this... 

After braving the mall, I grabbed a Starbucks and headed to the gym. I only had about 45 minutes before my mom's flight landed but I knew I wanted to get in a quick workout. I chose to do a mini circuit focusing just on arms. It felt great! 

Then, I rushed to the airport and met my mom!!! YAY! So happy she's here! Jarod even surprised us by bringing London to the airport to greet her. It was super sweet of him! 

We picked up groceries, grabbed some wine and then went to get London a Booster Juice. Unfortunately, London tripped and hit his face on the leg of a stool and ended up with a bruise on his face. Poor kid! Luckily, after a few tears and a big hug from mommy, he was okay. We may just wait a few more days before we go get his photo with Santa ;)

We spent the rest of the night talking, playing and just enjoying our time together. She's off with London today and tomorrow and I am so happy to have her here. We both are!! 

London insisted on waking her up at 6:45 this morning and then cuddled with her on the couch while I got ready saying "I'm cuddling with my Nana." He loves her so much!

I hope you had a great weekend!!!!
Are you handy or do you call a repair person?
White wine or Red wine?
What's the last gift you bought yourself?

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