Friday, November 20, 2015

Vegas Girls Trip 2015

My trip to Las Vegas wasn't just about running (I did the 5K Saturday Night and the Half Marathon Sunday.)  I was lucky to be joined by six other ladies for the trip. 
Since the majority of us were not running we wanted to let loose and have some fun. We dubbed ourselves "huge group of girls" and insisted on telling everyone to "have more fun" all weekend. 

Mission Accomplished. *alcohol*
The fun started Friday when we drove the 2.5 hours to Great Falls for our flight. We were early so we sat down and painted our nails while drinking. Carrie was meeting us in Vegas since she was flying in from Vancouver. The drinking, and crazy antics, continued on the plane ride. We were having fun!

As soon as we arrived, we grabbed Carrie, checked in to our hotels and headed to Omnia. My friend Kim had connected us with her brother, who works there, so we were escorted in past a HUGE line. It was awesome! Thanks Kim!!
The club was PACKED! Calvin Harris was playing there that night which probably didn't help. 
We spent a lot of time trying to find a spot to stand. We grabbed drinks (17 dollars but STRONG) and danced for a bit but eventually ending up hanging out on the rooftop patio dancing and drinking some more.
We crawled into bed around 4:30 and got about three hours of sleep (I blame being a mom for the fact I can't sleep in anymore!) Once everyone was ready, we headed off to find breakfast.
After we ate, the group split up. June, Melissa, Carrie and I headed to the EXPO to film for Rock N Blog and pick up our race gear. It was held at the Convention Centre so we took the Monorail (super quick and easy!)
The expo was HUGE and we spent almost three hours entering contests, playing games, and shopping. We all grabbed a Sparkly Soul headband and some arm warmers since the weather for Sunday wasn't looking great. Since Carrie was injured she wasn't going to run but still wanted to pick up her stuff with us. Hopefully she'll be able to join us next year!!

June and I ran the 5K that night. After walking back to our hotel we quickly got ready and headed out. I had arranged for us to meet up with a guy I'm met in the summer at a local airshow. He's in the Air force and stationed in Vegas so he was going to join us for supper. 

Throwback because who doesn't love a man in uniform ;) 
Thanks to another recommendation by Kim we ended up at Yardbird in the Venetian. We somehow scored ourselves a private room (I think they knew we were rowdy) which was so fun! We found out, then chanted, the name of anyone who came in to talk to us. The loved it and we ended up with lots of shots! The food was AMAZING! We shared some stuff family style and then I split the fried chicken, waffles, and watermelon with Melissa and Taylor.) Oh, and if you end up there, the Bourbon and Blackberry Lemonaid is DELICIOUS!!

After eating, we headed to a local nightclub XS. We were supposed to have our own table but it ended up being too good to be true. We grabbed a few drinks, made up our own private table, and bailed after about an hour.

Then, we spent a long time walking around the Venetian having a photo shoot. I'll let some of the photos speak for themselves.

Yes, he felt very lucky to be with seven ladies. We told everyone we were his sister wives. 

Walking back to our hotel

We didn't go to sleep until after 5:30 :P 
Sunday, we woke up around 8:30 and slowly got ready. Once again, we split up with Melis, Carrie, June and I heading to In N Out Burger. We took the Monorail to MGM but then had to catch a cab the rest of the way since the sidewalk was under construction and we couldn't walk on the highway. It was worth it though!!

After eating, we headed back to our room to get ready for the half marathon and pre-race Kid Rock show. 

Since we didn't get back from running until 8:45pm we got ready really quickly for our supper reservation.  Ponytails for the win!!

We ended up at Battistas Hole in the Wall which was right behind our hotel (Cromwell.) For 25 dollars, we each got a HUGE pasta dish, the BEST garlic bread, soup or salad and a cappuccino. I will absolutely go back again!
We had plans to go to a nightclub but didn't feel like traveling that far so we stayed at our casino and drank and gambled. A few of the girls played Blackjack and managed to win some cash which was awesome! I stuck to the slots and left with about $150 bucks which was great! It was another late night but we managed to grab a few more hours of sleep (totally 10 hours over 3 nights....yikes!)
Monday, we had breakfast at Serendipity before I headed to the We Run Social meetup (more about this soon.) Our flight left at 4:30 so we headed to the airport just after 2. 
I had a blast with these girls! We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt and created some amazing memories. I think we're going to make this an annual tradition! 
Thanks for so much fun ladies! My "huge group of girls" I loved "having more fun" with you. I'm lucky to call you my friends! 

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