Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #39

Time to link up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud.   If you don't know how it works check out her first post. Basically, it's a chance for you to get all your random thoughts out and then link up with others doing the same.


1. It's been a tough week around here. London got sick, on Monday, and has been running a high fever every since. We are both not sleeping well. Last night, we ended up in hospital because his throat was swelling. The doctor suspected mono so now we wait for the results of his blood work. I'm praying that's by the case and he will be better soon. If he has mono, that's likely 4-6 weeks out of daycare. Thankfully, my mom has agreed to fly out and stay with us. Still, I'm hoping it's not mono.

2. There's something wrong with my quad still. After running NYC, I noticed a tightness when I walked. I took time off from running, got massages and foam
Rolled every day. Yesterday, I felt ready and strong to try running again but it was back after a few miles. I'll be making an appointment with my Physiotherapist to see what's up. My plan is to start training again in January so I need to get it fixed before then.

3. Congratulations to Jenthe winner of my Momentum Jewelry giveaway on Instagram. Jen, I guess your lucky streak is back hahaha! The funny thing is, I actually met Jen after she won a race giveaway from me two years ago. Lucky lady!! You can thank London since he drew your name! 

4. Black Friday Giveaway! If you missed, or didn't win, my Momentum Jewelry Giveaway there's a Black Friday one happening tomorrow. Simply post a photo, on Twitter or FB, of you being active and tag @MomentumJewelry and one lucky winner will receive a $50 dollar shopping spree!

5. I will not be taking advantage of any Black Friday deals. Usually they're not as good as the US but I am still paying for my trips to NYC and Vegas. I am trying to focus on paying down my debt right now before I spend on things I don't need. Can someone please take advantage of the 50% off sale at Express though!? ;) 

6. Baby it's cold outside. Winter is officially here. There's snow on the ground, I have to warm up, and scrap off, my car everyday and it takes longer to get dressed in our winter gear than it does to actually walk to our vehicle. I miss my old garage! I grew up in Vancouver where we hardly ever had snow. It's pretty but I only really appreciate it when I'm inside drinking a hot drink in my pjs ;)

6. I miss dancing! I grew up as a cheerleader and, when I moved to Lethbridge (almost 11 years ago) I danced with a local company for five years! I miss it! I came across this photo in my FB memories section today and it brought back some awesome memories! I met so many amazing people through dance!

7. I'm in love with peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. It's my version of "Christmas In A Cup." Since I can't have a lot of milk products (Crohns disease) I have it with soy and no whip cream. It still tastes amazing!

Alright, that's it for me today. I wasn't planning on posting but I'm wide away watching my sick little boy and needed a distraction.

Have a great day!!!

What's an activity you did as a child that you wish you could do as an adult?

Have you ever had mono? I did in Grade 11 and missed a month of school and had to pull out as lead in the theatre production. I was so bummed!!

What's your favourite part about winter?

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  1. Sorry Landon is sick and your quad is still bugging you :( express used to have better sales but in black Friday you can use multiple coupons when during the rest of the year you can't. This comes in handy at Victoria secret ;)