Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Race Recap: Run Rock N Roll Las Vegas 5K

I plan to do a recap of our Vegas trip (including the expo) but wanted to get my two race recaps up before I forget anything.

The 5K was held at the far end of the strip near the SLS hotel. June and I were the only ones, out of our group of seven, running. 

It was cool but not too cold so I decided to wear shorts and a tank. I knew I would be racing this one and tend to warm up quickly. June and I joked we looked like we were running different races since she was in pants and a long sleeves! Ha!

We made our way to the monorail around 5 o'clock. I had to meet the Rock N Blog crew for some filming, and photos, before the race. We thought we gave ourselves lots of time but the monorail was PACKED! People were not receptive to getting a little close for the ride so they were only letting a few people on. We ended up missing a couple trains before it was our turn. Even then, people complained how tight it was. I didn't think so at all. Plus, the ride was less than 10 minutes!

We made it to SLS, used the hotel bathroom, and made our way to the starting line about 5:30. We posed for a quick photo before June went to her Corral and I met with my group.

There were quite a few Rock N Bloggers doing the remix challenges (5K then the Half the next day!)

Now, we had corrals assigned to us but I noticed a lot of people weren't following them. As I tried making my way to mine (#3) I couldn't get in because it was packed and spilling out. As I started to look at bibs I noticed a lot of runners with 6, 7, 12 etc) that had moved up. 

I stood outside the gates as we sang the American National Anthem and then had a moment of silence for France. They said about 60 runners had traveled from the country for the race. 

Myself and another girl finally got in to the corrals as the first wave was let go. We had about a minute to wait until our wave and then it was go time! 

I didn't take any photos when I was running as I was too busy weaving around people. Some people were walking within about 20 seconds and there were groups of 4-5 people wide blocking parts of the already thin course.

was still loving it but definitely wish I wasn't wasting time and energy. I wasn't expecting to PR but wanted to run fast after so many months of marathon training and focusing more on distance than speed.  Plus, the course wasn't my favourite. Part of it included a few loops around a parking lot and I expected at least one live band (they had speakers blasting music.) I DID love running through the tunnels they had set up though! 

I was pushing myself but not to the max since my quad is still a little sore and I was working off of 3 hours sleep. 

My watch was a little off but I did run negative splits! 


The course was dark (expected) so I was thankful for the spot lights and glow sticks some people had grabbed! 

My favourite part was running by the post-run stage to hear Taylor Swift "22" pumping! I had a mini dance party as I sprinted towards the finish.

I crossed the finish line in 25:14

I immediately saw the Rock N Roll crew and they followed me to film and grab my medal. It was nice to have them there!! This is a video they put together for me! 


I grabbed my snacks and water and posed for a few more photos.

I made my way to about mile 2.5 of the course and started cheering as I waited for June. At one point I decided to take a video and then June came running by!! Crazy timing!!


June finished strong and killed her 34 minute PR!!

As I waited for her to make her way to the finishing area I found Jen and her husband. Jen lives two hours away but we always seem to only see each other at destination races (Phoenix, Seattle and now Vegas!)

Her and her super sweet husband Tom both PR'd!!

June and I grabbed a beer and instead of waiting in a long monorail line we decided to walk the 35 minutes back to our hotel. It felt good to stretch our legs but we definitely got a lot of looks and comments "who runs a race in Vegas?!" Ha Ha! Little do they know you can party and run in Vegas and have the best time ever! Plus, free beer at the finish line?! 

Plus, look at these medals!

I'll definitely be back!

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