Friday, November 13, 2015

My NYC Trip- Post Marathon

Although, I'm currently en route to Las Vegas I still can't believe my trip to NYC has already come and gone. I dreamed about it, and saved up, for a year and now it's over. 
In case you missed my earlier recaps I talked about the race expo, and other pre-race, activities HERE and my NYC Marathon race recap is HERE.
So, after the race I caught the subway back to the hotel and had a freezing cold bath. It was tough to get into but felt amazing after a few minutes. I followed it up with a warm shower and got cleaned up.

Wearing my MARATHONER shirt!
I wasn't sure what I wanted to eat so I ended up walking down to a pub for some fries and diet coke. I was craving salt and greasy food. 

My legs felt surprisingly okay so I ended up walking to Magnolia bakery for a cupcake and diet coke and then to Times Square for a little bit.

I was back in my hotel by 8:30 and climbed into bed with my compression socks and snacks to watch some tv and scroll through social media. Again, I was completely overwhelmed by all the sweet messages following the race (most of which I have yet to respond to!)

Despite my exhaustion, I didn't sleep very well. I finally got up at 6am and got ready to head to Marathon Monday at the Pavilion in Central Park. That's where you can get your medal engraved and purchase finisher's gear. I also picked up a copy of the NY Times which had printed finisher's times of some of the racers.

After getting my medal engraved...twice (they spelled my name wrong the first time and had to give me another one) I ended up picking up a jacket and sweater (spent way too much money) and then decided to walk around the park. 

Fall in NYC was gorgeous. A part of me wished I was able to run but I knew better.

I grabbed breakfast in a nearby diner before meeting up with a group of my friends for some more food and laughs!

After lunch, it was off to explore Museum Mile. 

The Met
I ended up going into the marathon exhibit at the Museum of The City Of New York. It was free admission for marathon runner (score) and pretty cool to see the history of the marathon and photos from throughout the years. 

I could have spent hours in there but I was starting to feel a bit sick, and dizzy, and decided to head back to the hotel room.
I crawled into bed at 4:30 and didn't leave until the next morning. I was feeling horrible and everything finally caught up to me.
I woke up a bit better the next day and decided to venture down to Starbucks for a tea then into Brooklyn to explore the park and walk across my favourite bridge.

I also made it to the 911 memorial and One World Tower. Both are incredible and very touching. 

That night, I ended up going to a NY Islanders game. My friend's uncle scored me two crazy seats and I invited Kelly (from Run, Selfie, Repeat) because she's hilarious and fun to spend time with! We had a blast eating our faces off and trying to find ourselves hockey boyfriends. Oh, and cheering for the Islanders too. ;)

It was a late night and an early morning as I was up at 6 to get in line for the Kelly and Michael taping. I had tickets but you still have to be there by 7 (for a 9am taping.) There was a lot of standing around which was no fun on my now-hurting post-marathon legs.

The show was fun and Kelly and Michael did a great job interacting with the studio audience. 

I met Ashley (Running Bun) for lunch after. She's GORGEOUS and so funny. It was the first time we've met, in person, but I felt like we've been friends for ages (thank you snapchat.) We spent a lot of time talking about our kids. It was nice because I'd really been missing London that day and it felt awesome to share stories about him.

From there, it was off to Wall Street to visit my friend Gregg who is just the best. He works in a big fancy office with amazing views! I had to get a security pass, with my photo on, just to go visit him. I guess they take security seriously when there's lots of money involved ;)

After coffee, I hugged him goodbye and took off on my next adventure. I walked back to the 911 memorial again, then towards the West Side Highway. I ended up walking around for a couple hours because it was a beautiful night and the water reminded me of back home.

I got a text from Kelly saying she was about a 25 minute-walk away and to meet her. So I did. We walked to SOHO on a search for amazing cupcakes (which we found) and a creepy house (which the photo doesn't show off very well.) 

We said goodbye and I made my way to Times Square for one last time. I picked up a few little things for London at the Disney Store and grabbed a photo with Woody to text to London (the things we do for our kids!)

I was back in the room by 8 to pack since I had to be up at 3am for my flight.
3am wakeup calls are fun!
Compression socks when flying are a must!
This truly was an incredible vacation. Marathon's are life-changers. I believe that now. I have taken a few days to think about what is next (I am extremely goal-orientated and like to have a plan) so I'll be talking about that soon.

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