Friday, November 6, 2015

2015 NYC Marathon- Pre-Race Activities

I'm almost done my race recap but I thought I should include a little bit about what I did before the race including the Expo, Team For Kids breakfast, and activities to keep me off my feet, first.

5 am airport selfie. NYC shirt felt appropriate ;)

So, I arrived in NYC late Thursday afternoon. I had a fairly short lay-over in Chicago but, since my flight was late leaving Calgary, that layoff ended up being pretty much non-existent. As I exited the first pland, I heard myself being paged for my second flight. I quickly sprinted to the plane and was pumped to make for the final call. It was no surprise to land in NYC to find out my bag didn't made it. I was faced with a decision. I could either wait 2.5 hours for my luggage or, the airline would deliver it, within 24 hours. I chose the first option since I didn't want to risk being without my stuff for a day. I sat around La Guardia people watching while I waited.

When my bag finally arrived on the next flight I hoped in a cab to Chelsea where I would be staying for the night. My friend had put me in touch with a friend to stay at his place until my hotel reservation the next day. The guy was very sweet and easy to get along with. We headed out for supper at a nearby bbq place and I inhaled some bbq chicken and mac n cheese. 

We spent about a half hour walking around, his neighbourhood, exploring before heading back to his place. I could have gone to bed but his tv was in the living room (where I was sleeping) so we sat up and watched football. I finally told him at 10 that I had to go to sleep soon. If I hadn't been fighting this cold I would have been a bit more social. I knew sleeping was the right decision. I ended up falling asleep just before 11.
The next day, I woke up early and walked the 15 blocks to the EXPO. I arrived at 8:50 thinking it opened at 9. Nope, not until 10. I got in line and prompted sat down. I didn't want to waste too much energy.

The wait was worth it. The expo was AMAZING! 

Getting my bib took about two minutes but I spent nearly three hours there. 

I picked up a few gifts for London then treated myself to a new running jacket, and t-shirt, before sitting in on a course strategy presentation by my Coach John! They went mile through mile of what to expect. It was extremely helpful.

I also met up with Gregg and his sister for a bit. I first really met Gregg back at SeaWheeze in August and we've stayed in touch every since. He, and his sister, and both so sweet! I could go on and on about how much I love this guy!

After they left, I spent some more time walking about the expo and talking to different vendors about their products. 

I got my photo taken at the Runner's World booth, tried a new "Stick" on my muscles and then wrote about my reason for running on one of the walls.

After the expo, I checked into the hotel, walked through Times Square and then grabbed some supper at Ellen's Stardust Diner. 

For years, people who know I love Broadway have recommended this place. The wait staff sing throughout your meal and it is very entertaining! 

I had a blast and would definitely recommend it to someone wanting a cheesy, yet awesome, NYC experience. The food (I went with grilled cheese and fries) was pretty good too.
I painted my nails and was in bed just after 9 o'clock.

Saturday morning, we had our Team For Kids breakfast hosted at the Marathon Pavilion in Central Park. 

I've posted before about my reasons for running the marathon for charity and this was a great opportunity to meet some of the kids that the money is benefiting. Team for Kids offers running programs for children who, otherwise, wouldn't have access to them. 

They had an amazing breakfast for us and then about a 45 minute presentation where we heard from some of the children in the programs, plus top fundraisers, and others. We even got to hear from American runner Meb Keflezighi who won the Marathon in 2009 and was back to try again this year. He's an ambassador for TFK and is extremely passionate about how it helps change the lives of those it helps. 

This year, about 1700 runners raised over 5.3 million dollars. INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much to everyone who helped support my fundraising this year!!! My final total was almost three-thousand dollars.

After the formal program, I spent some time walking around the venue taking photos at several stations they had set up. 

I also walked the 100 yards, or so, to the finish line area to have a look around. It was crazy to think I would be here the next day as a marathoner!!

As I headed back to the hotel, I walked the last half mile of the course which was really neat. I couldn't help but notice the "little" hill at the end though. I knew that was going to hurt the next day!

After changing out of my running shoes, and into some nicer shoes and a dress, it was time for Broadway! 

I saw the Book of Mormon. I thought the show was hilarious. It crossed the line for me a few times (I can't find child raping jokes funny...ever) but overall it was really well done and the cast was amazing! I was treated to a back stage tour afterwards where I chatted with a few of the stars and posed for some shots on stage.

Then, it was time to carbo-load! I head back to La Mela where the girls and I ate last year before the NYC Half Marathon. 

I managed to put back three pieces of bread and about half of my spaghetti plus four glasses of water. Their food is delicious and the service is awesome! I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for somewhere authentic to eat in NYC, especially Little Italy.

After supper, it was back to the hotel to lay out my stuff for the marathon the next day. I called my mom for some reassurance (she always knows what to say) and then went to bed. I somehow managed to fall asleep around 9:30...

Marathon Recap to come....

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  1. Looks like you had a good beginning to your trip! Can't wait to hear more :)