Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Training For The NYC Marathon- My 20 Mile Training Run and Looking Ahead To Week 14

This post is coming to you a date late because of the holiday on Monday. I wanted to make sure I recorded this one though as it's the week I ran my longest run training run ever- 20 miles.
The NYC Marathon is in 18 days. 18 DAYS!!

I get goosebumps every time I watch this video:

I have all the emotions right now when I think about it but mostly I feel excited.... and nauseous. I saw this photo yesterday and it helped.
I will talk about my goals for the marathon soon but, to be honest, I just want to cross that finish line!
Last week's training:
Monday- 4 Miles

With my favourite running buddy

Tuesday- Off

Wednesday- 6 Miles

Proof I don't always take off my makeup at night :P
Thursday- 3 Miles

Ran before London woke up. Thank you video baby monitor!

Friday- Off

Saturday- 20 Miles

Breaking Records!

Sunday- Off
I have officially entered taper now. My mileage drops a little this week and, even more, the following week. I can't believe I'll be heading to my favourite city in 2 weeks and 2 days!!!!
Week 14 Training:

Monday- Off
Tuesday- 5 Miles AYF (As You Feel)
Wednesday- 4 Miles ER (Easy Run)
Thursday- 4 Miles RR (Regular Run)
Friday- Off
Saturday- 12 Miles
Sunday- Off
Thanks for all the sweet comments after my 20-miler and for the continued support throughout this training cycle! It means a lot to me!
Have a great day!

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