Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend in Review

Happy Tuesday! Long weekends always throw me off! It's nice to have a shorter work week though!

I picked London up Friday and we carb loaded for my long run the next day before heading to a Hurricanes game. 

We went early so we could watch the warm up and London was thrilled when one of the players tossed him a puck!

We left after the first period since I had to go to a crime scene for work. London was a superstar and enjoyed watching the police lights and walking a round with the microphone while I worked. It was a later night than planned.

I dropped him at his dad's house Saturday and headed out for my 20 mile long run. It was tough but I did it! It took me just over three hours and, with the wind and rolling hills, I was happy with my pace.

I drank a full container of water and Gatorade but was still dehydrated at the end. Good to know for NYC! I spent the rest of the day relaxing on the couch and foam rolling. I eventually headed out for groceries and picked myself up a turkey dinner and pie since I was rolling solo this year. It was delicious but made me really miss my mom and the fire department visits ;)

couldn't sleep well that night, despite being exhausted, and finally put on compression socks at 4am which helped my sore legs. I almost got up and made some eggs since I was craving some so bad and my stomach wouldn't stop rumbling!

Sunday, I woke up and foam rolled and relaxed. I eventually cleaned my house and did all the laundry. I was feeling nauseous (still dehydrated) and my stomach was off so I didn't want to do too much. I headed to a movie in the afternoon (The Intern which I loved) and the extra salt on my popcorn seemed to help get my sodium levels back in check.

I ended the night with some cheesy 90's chick flicks.

This morning, I headed out to find London a fall jacket. I found three options but of course they didn't have his size in stock. 

I did manage to pick up two sweaters for myself though. Old Navy is killing it with their fall collection!

After I picked up London, we killed some time at arcade before our movie started.

We ended up seeing Hotel Transylvania  2 and both enjoyed it! 

Then, we napped together. I will never get tired of these cuddles!

I thought about having Thanksgiving leftovers but he insisted on turkey bacon so I threw it together with a waffle and beans and it was delicious! Untraditional but delicious! We did have pie of course. 

We ended the night with bath time, playtime and a movie. 

I missed my boy, and the rest of my family, so much but I really do have so much to be thankful for! I'm especially thankful to be London's mommy.

I hope you had a great weekend too! 

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