Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's HERE- My last week of training for the NYC Marathon & I'm freaking out.

When I think about running the NYC Marathon on Sunday I get excited and I get nervous. Sometimes, I put a lot of pressure on myself because I know what I'm capable of. That's not just the case with running.

Since this is my first marathon, I want to do things a little differently. I want to finish, with a smile on my face, feeling proud of all the hard work I've done to get there.

I'll talk more about my goals, for Sunday, later this week. In the meantime, I'll just be reading every single NYC Marathon recap I can find :P 

It's hard to believe my first training post was in July! 16 weeks later, the "hay is in the barn" and I'm ready to run. I'm confident but I'm also scared about the unknown. I can't wait to run a marathon in my favourite city in the world.

Not every week has been perfect but I've managed to log almost all my miles. I've put in the work. I've become a stronger runner and a better person. I PR'd the Half Marathon and 5K distances, this training cycle, and now I'm about to get my first Marathon PR (yep, when you haven't run one before any time is a PR!)

Last week, was my second taper week. I logged 21 miles and all of them were on the treadmill while London was sleeping. I don't like sacrificing time with him so I choose to wake up early to get the miles in.

Monday- 3 miles

Wednesday- 6 miles

Thursday- 5 miles

Saturday- 7 miles

This week:

Monday- 4 miles
Tuesday- 3 miles (or off)
Wednesday- 5 miles
Thursday- OFF
Friday- OFF (or Shake Out Run?)
Saturday- OFF
Sunday- NYC Marathon

Any advice for me?
What's the last thing you worked really hard for?
Any NYC "non-touristy" recommendations? 

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  1. Enjoy the experience, no matter how your run goes. When you hit that mental wall (around 32-35 km) remind yourself you are RUNNING A MARATHON. Something like 1% of people do. You are amazing and you will finish.
    Once I hit around 35 km, I tell myself just 7 (6, 5, 4, etc) km to run. I do this all the time. I like to make sure I run at least the last mile. Finishing strong makes me proud of myself no matter the race I had.
    Good luck!!!