Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend In Review

Another weekend has come and gone and, like always, London packed our weekend with lots of fun!

After I picked him up from daycare Friday, we headed start to a bakery for a cupcake. Since we were both sick on my birthday I promised him a sweet treat.

Then, it was off to a nearby arcade to play for an hour. We spent about 10 dollars and decided to save our tickets for a bigger prize next time. 

When we came home we headed out for a two hour walk around the neighbourhood. We stopped at the park before making our way to the lake to throw rocks.

Saturday morning, we dropped off the recycling, cleaned out my vehicle and then went to the car wash. I decided to let him sit up front and he loved every second of it! 

While he napped I planned to run 7 miles but had to settle for 3. We made our way to a local music festival and enjoyed the live music, good food and bouncy castle!

We watched Alvin and The Chipmunks, ate popcorn and cuddles on the couch after supper.

This morning, we stayed in bed late watching cartoons before a breakfast date. 

We stopped at the grocery store before coming home and playing. London insisted on getting his nails painted and I couldn't say no!

I dug his car out of the basement and we took it for a spin.

He ended up sleeping for almost 3.5 hours so I did laundry and cleaned up a little. 

We had supper with Jarod and played at his house for a couple hours before I headed home.

I start Week 10 of marathon training tomorrow so I'm calling it a night early. It's crazy to think I'll be running the streets of NYC in 49 days!!!

I hope you had a great weekend too! 

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  1. He looks like he is in absolute heaven sitting in the front seat!!! So cute!!! Glad you had a nice weekend after being sick last week!!