Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Waterton With A Toddler: Day 2

I'm skipping this week's Training Tuesday post and will include it in next week's roundup since I wanted to stick with my Waterton recaps. In case you missed Day 1 you can find it HERE.

Day 2 started with a 7am alarm. I wanted to get ready before London woke up so I wasn't rushed. I ended up having lots of time as he slept like a rock until I finally had to wake him up at 7:45 so we wouldn't be late for breakfast. I think the mountain air was good for both of us!

Around 8:15 we walked over to Pearl's Cafe for breakfast. London got "apple-pie" waffles with whipped cream and syrup and apple juice and I opted for a plain bagel and cream cheese. The whole meal cost 17 dollars (with a tip) which was pretty pricey for breakfast. Next time, I'll be bringing more food and taking advantage of our kitchen to cook and then heading out for supper and treats.
I wanted to keep my breakfast light (and simple) since we were heading out on a two-hour boat cruise at 10am.

Tawnya was able to join us for the end of breakfast and the boat cruise which was great! I haven't seen her and Scarlett in weeks and we were due for a catch-up. Sadly, I forgot to take any photos of us together :(

A few of the ladies (and London) outside Pearls.

From Pearls, we made the less-than-five-minute walk to the marina. Chinook County Tourism had booked us tickets with the Waterton Shoreline Cruise Company. The two-hour trip on The International (a wooden boat built in the 1920's) took us from Waterton to Goat Haunt in Montana. 

To be honest, I was a little nervous heading into the boat ride. Sometimes I get sea sick and I'm also a little bit anxious when it comes to feeling trapped on something but, my biggest worry, was my stomach not behaving. I have Crohn's Disease which can flare up at any time. It can be something I eat but it can also be stress. Knowing the boat didn't have a bathroom was stressing me out. When I have to go, I have very little notice. I was happy I decided to throw in some Imodium before we left in case I needed it (thankfully, I did not.)

I was a bit panicky for the first 15 minutes but once I left my seat and went outside for some fresh air I started to feel better.
The cruise was amazing. The two hours flew by. I spent most of the time chasing London around as he didn't want to sit still for too long. They did have a crew member speaking during the trip about Waterton, history of the boat and about what we were seeing. We ended up slowing down several times to point out specific spots along the shoreline and even saw a Bald Eagle too!

He got to drive the boat at one point. Day = Made! 

I'm glad we decided to make this a priority and I will absolutely go again. I would love to try their Sunset cruise for something a little different though.

After the cruise, we walked over to Weiners for some lunch. Ange and Ashley had had a dog the night before and raved about them so we knew it was a must-have! I don't eat hot dogs but London devoured his in minutes.

I will say the fries were amazing though! For a hotel dog, large fries, and a drink, the 12 dollar price tag was well worth it! This place had a lineup out the door!

After lunch, we split up into groups. Some girls went shopping, others went hiking and Becky and I went to settle our boys down for naps. London slept from 1:15 to 3:30 and I ended up just laying in bed, beside him, and eventually fell asleep myself. I'm not usually a napper but it felt great!

After naptime, we headed to check out some of the shops. Although the townsite isn't huge there are a handful of stores. We ended up going in about five of them before I settled on a plaid t-shirt for London. 

From there, it was across the street to the Lakeside Chophouse at the Bayshore Inn. This is probably the fanciest restaurant in Waterton but there were people there in everything from jeans to suits and dresses. We didn't feel out of place and thankfully the boys were on their best behaviour!

I wasn't feeling super hungry so I stuck with a salad and wings (plus, a delicious and strong margarita) while London had spaghetti. The whole meal ended up costing us 48 dollars (with a built in 15% tip.)

It was nice to just unwind with the ladies, fill our bellies, and soak in the gorgeous view of Waterton Lake. At one point, three deer ran right by the window!

Following supper, we headed back to The Big Scoop for ice cream. I decided to risk it and indulged in a chocolate peanut-butter cup cone. Thankfully, my stomach was able to handle it. 

We headed down to the water to watch the sunset while the boys threw rocks in the water.

We spent the rest of the evening at Danielle and Ashley's place talking shop (what is your dream company to work with, how many blogs do you read weekly? etc) before calling it a night around 9:30.

Sunday, was my favourite day. My little boy made me one proud mommy.
Stay tuned...

Oh, and be sure to check out the other recaps from the other beautiful ladies!
Disclaimer: My trip was sponsored by Chinook County Tourism in partnership with the Town of Waterton and Travel Alberta but all opinions are my own.

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