Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LRPS 5K (23:52 PR!)

It's the first time I've ever run a race where my average pace starts with a "7." I'm seriously blown away right now and really, really proud of myself. 

I started running in 2012 when I had 60 pounds of baby weight to lose and I was training at a 10-11:30/mile. It takes time and work but anything is possible! 

Let's back up... 

I was planning on racing the half marathon this weekend but when the air quality got worse and worse throughout the week I wasn't so sure. The smoke from the Washington forest fires made its way to Alberta, Sunday, and our air quality has sat between 5 (moderate risk) to 9 (high risk) much of the week.

On Friday, my friends and I saw the "8" forecasted and decided to drop down to the 5K. I had ran outside a few days ago and my throat was burning by the end. 

Despite the fact, we were "only" running a 5K we stuck with our plans for a big carb-loading party at my friend Melissa's house. A big group of us, and our children, spent a couple hours visiting before sitting down to an amazing pasta supper, incredible deserts and mojitos!

LeighannMelissaJuneDanielle, Me, BrieTawnya and Becky
Thanks to Melis for keeping the children busy!

After the supper, Becky (who was staying at my house) her son Liam, London and I headed back to my place to meet with Ange. We put the boys to bed and shared half a bottle of wine and chatted. 

We were in bed by 10:30 for a 6:30 wake up call. 

I woke up before my alarm, scrolled through social media and got dressed. I decided to break the rules and wear all new clothing since a package from Mizuno had arrived the day before. 

Oh, and my Pro Compression #TheGibblers made the cut since I had PR'd in them at SeaWheeze and am superstitious. 

The five of us headed to the start line around 7 so they could grab coffee and meet up with the others. We grabbed a photo at the start before we lined up for the 8:15 start.

I lined up with Ange and Leighann. Leighann and I were both hoping to run sub 24 minutes and PR! Her and I often race together and she definitely pushes me. 

As the police sirens ran to signal the start we took off. 

Leighann and I planned to run our own races but I told her I would likely be chasing her the whole time.

I felt strong and confident and tried not to look at my watch for the first few minutes. Luckily, the smoke had lifted and the air quality was only a 4. Still, I felt my breathing was quite laboured but my legs felt great! All the speed work in doing for the New York Marathom is paying off! 

I logged the first mile at 7:21 

We hit a big downhill and I tried to let myself fly but couldn't. I got a painful cramp and had to back off. I'm not a fan of downhill running at all.

I got passed by about 10 people but could see Leighann and knew that I was surprised to see I was the second woman overall. My cramps went away as the course flattened out and just in time for a big, short, uphill and some rolling hills. Again, I was feeling strong and felt like I could run a bit faster but wanted to save some juice for the end. 

Mile 2: 7:40 

As we hit the divide for the 5 and 10K I was happy to be racing the shorter distance for once. The volunteers were all so sweet and encouraging and one girl yelled "you're killing it" which made me smile! I looked back and saw the lady in third place wasn't too far behind me. I picked it up and ended up passing quite a few people. 

As I reached the final stretch I heard Ange call me name from the other side of the course and let out a big cheer! About a minute later, Danielle did the same! It's so awesome to have such supportive friends! 

Mile 3: 7:40 

I rounded the final bend and sprinted to the finish.

The announcer was amazing at encouraging the runners and celebrating everyone crossing the finish line! I really appreciate the shout-out Baker! ;) 

Final Time: 23:52 (7:40/average) 
2/127 (Women)
2/46 (30-39F)

After finishing, I found Leighann and we celebrated our first and second place finishes!! She's a beast!

Then, we headed to the finish line to cheer on the rest of the girls. Tawnya watched Liam and London and was kind enough to take them to Tim Horrons, then the nearby bouncy castle, so we could focus on being cheerleaders! 



Melissa crushing her 5K PR!

Brie earning a new 5K PR!! 

June running her FIRST race!!

Danielle rocking her first race this year!

I'm so proud of these ladies!! 

After we finished, Becky and I took the boys to run a portion of the course. For 5 dollars they received bibs and medals. 

It was so cool to watch them react to everyone cheering them on! 

London loves to race just like his mommy!

After the race we headed to Firestome for brunch. It was so great to spend the day with some of my favourite ladies. 

Excuse the horrible photo! ;)

Overall, I was originally a little disappointed to not be running the half marathon but decided to make the most out of my 5K. I had so much fun racing and supporting everyone else! This is my third year running this race and I will absolutely be back again next year!

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  1. Congrats km the PR!! Sounds like a great race!! I will definitely be taking part next year!!