Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Training for the NYC Marathon- Week 4 of 16

The key to following a training plan is preparation and flexibility. 

I write my workouts, on a white board, for the entire month, but I use a dry eraser so I can make changes when I need to. 

I try to stick to the mileage but can move around days. This training week, I had to make some changes. I went out for a girl's night and it took me days to recover! I moved most of my runs to the evening so I could sleep in and cancelled a Spin Class. It wasn't the smartest decision but I had fun and then listened to my body after.  I did still managed to get all my runs done though. 

This upcoming week I'm heading on vacation for 9 days. I plan to get my long run in, before I leave and then see how timing works out for the rest. 

In case you missed it, I posted my compete NYC Marathon training plan (and goals) HERE.

Here are my workouts from Week 3:

Monday, July 27th:  
  • 6 MILES RR

Tuesday, July 28th:  
  • OFF
Wednesday, July 29th: 

Thursday, July 30th:
  • BODY PUMP (1 HR)

Friday, July 31st:
  • OFF 
Saturday, August 1st:


Monday: 3 Miles
Tuesday: Total Barre Class
Wednesday:  6 Miles I & Spin Classs
Thursday: 11 Miles
Friday: OFF
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

Do you follow a training plan?
Was your last run on the treadmill, trail, track or outside? 

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