Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SeaWheeze 2015 - The Day Before The Race (Showcase Store)

SeaWheeze is one of the best races I have ever done. Not only is the course gorgeous but the whole weekend is one giant party. It all starts with an early alarm the day BEFORE the race to try and get your hands on some lululemon!
***I had way more photos to share but, as I mentioned, my phone died and took all of them with it! Thankfully, I instagrammed a few photos and had family and friends there to share theirs with me.***

The day before the race, I headed downtown at 6am to lineup for the Showcase Store featuring exclusive-to-the-race lululemon gear. Items always sell out within a few hours and are sometimes posted on EBay for double or triple the cost. The store is open to the public but, for the first-time, runners had first access from 7-9:30. Some people lineup early but Ashley, Ange and I didn't feel like doing that the day before a race. I ended up getting downtown around 7:20 and joined them in a very long line. 
The line snaked around the Vancouver Convention Centre and then zig-zagged about a dozen times inside. We spent hours standing and shuffling. I'm glad I had these ladies to keep me occupied!! We were finally inside the 30-thousand square foot store around 10am and high-fixed and cheered as we rushed inside.
I didn't want to buy a ton of things as I'm trying to save for New York. I ended up leaving with a pair of crops, running tights, two tanks and a head band. I paid just under three-hundred dollars but technically the 100-dollar crops were a gift for a recent promotion at work.

Once we left the store we headed outside to the Olympic Cauldron for a We Run Social meet up. If you haven't heard of We Run Social yet check them out on FB, Twitter or Instagram. It's a big community of runners who support, inspire and encourage each other. Plus, we plan destination races and cheer-stations. It's awesome!

After the meetup, it was back in another line to pick up my race package. Unlike most races, Seawheeze gives you a bracelet instead of a bib. The package also included a lululemon water bottle, timing chip and a gorgeous bag that doubled as your gear check bag.

The volunteers were amazing! It was a long day for them but they were all so upbeat and friendly. 
Outside the convention centre they had a big festival going on with music blasting, noon-hour yoga, free food and drink samples and a temporary tattoo station. I would have stuck around for longer but I had to get back to White Rock for my last night with my family.

I pretty much did everything you shouldn't do before a race. I was on my feet most of the day, didn't drink enough water and failed to bring anything to snack on while we waited in line (thankfully Ange came prepared!) luckily, my mom had me covered with a big pasta supper and I was smart enough to head to bed by just after 10 o'clock. 

Race recap coming soon!

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