Monday, August 24, 2015

A new phone, up past my bedtime and my longest training run so far! Weekend In Review.

Good news! After MANY phone calls, Apple is going to replace my phone that randomly stopped working! A replacement is on its way and should be here today. I am sure I've missed a handful of appointments, phone calls and messages but oh well! In just happy I don't need to shell out four hundred dollars for a new one!

This weekend was fun but tiring. I was up way too late both nights!

Friday was the last day broadcasting our show from the fair grounds. Sadly, it poured rain all day so we had to move our show inside but still ended up getting soaked.

On top of that, we had some technical difficulties which put everyone in a bit of a bad mood. I had planned to go straight home to spend the nigh relaxing but some guy friends had a different idea. They somehow convinced me to come see the band playing at the fair, that night, Glorious Sons. We all dressed in multiple layers and I stuck to drinking hot chocolate (as it was was ZERO degrees and pouring rain) but I had a blast!! You can check out one of the guys' reviews of the show HERE.

We ended up going to a pub after the show and so did the band! We got to
hang out with them for a bit and grab some photos together. I drove all the guys home and was finally asleep by about three! 

Saturday morning, I had thirteen miles on my training plan. I left around 9am and was tired but excited for my longest training run yet! I totally forgot that I wouldn't have my playlists since I am on a loaner phone so I ended up listening to the SAME two songs for two hours!! It actually took me about 50 minutes to realize the rest of the lists weren't downloaded so I must have been in the zone, ha ha!! My Garmin died but I ran the 13 miles in about 2 hours and 4 minutes (9:30/average.)

I quickly cleaned up and headed back to the fair to meet some friends. First up was grabbing some amazing apple pie mini donuts!!

Melis got the maple bacon ones and said they were incredible!

We ended up going on a few rides, watching the rodeo and headed home around 6:30.

That night, I ended up meeting a former colleague for supper. She is now working in Calgary (after a couple years in Winnipeg) so it was wonderful to catchup and meet her boyfriend!

Her boyfriend was in a show (he plays drums) nearby so we ended up going to watch. Melis and her boyfriend met us there and we had a random, but fun, night! The concert was held in a junk yard and kind of felt like a high school party for 30-40 year olds but I was happy to have the time to visit with friends.

Again, I wasn't in bed until close to 3!

I slept in as late as I could Sunday which was 8:30! I wasn't feeling great after two late nights in cold weather so I relaxed for a few ours before meeting up with Melis to preview the 10km course for her first race this weekend!

She's heading on a trip soon so it was nice to have the time to catchup and visit despite hanging out all weekend lol! We always have lots to chat about!

I'm so proud I Melis for committing to running a half in November and the hard work she's putting in! I know she'll do great Saturday! 

Afterwards, I came home and cleaned the house, did laundry and bbq'd myself supper. I tried to fall asleep early but it was after 10 since I discovered "Unbreakable" on Netflix and ended up binge-watching seven episodes!! 

How was your weekend? 

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  1. Busy but fun weekend you had! I'm pretty sure I would be asleep on my feet if I tried to stay out until 3am, haha