Sunday, August 30, 2015

A 5K PR, London's 3rd Race & A Rough Week

This weekend was exactly what I needed. If you follow me on social media it's no secret I've had a rough week. A group of people decided to spread some hurtful rumours questioning my character and some people I thought were my friends disappointed me. I let their actions affect me more than I should. Thankfully, I am a strong person and I have an amazing support circle. It would be terrible if they targeted someone who couldn't deal with something like this. Bottom line: bullying isn't cool. Don't do it.

My weekend was a perfect reminder of who and what is important.

Friday, I arrived home to a big box from Mizuno.

Inside there were two pairs of shoes, three pairs of shorts, four tops and two hats! I was spoiled! I'll post more on this soon!

Friday night I met up with a big group of friends for our 2nd annual pre-race carb-loading supper. A few of us were running the LRPS race Saturday and despite having to drop down because of the smoky conditions we still ate our weight in yummy food!

Full race recap coming soon but I PR'd and placed second!! What an amazing feeling! London ran his third race and made me so proud!

Becky and I spent the afternoon relaxing while the boys played and fought (toddlers!) They did bond over their love of colouring which was nice!

Saturday night, Becky, Danielle, Tawnya and I hung out at my place. We had a big family style supper while the kids ran around. They joined us for dessert of course! We called it a night early as we were all exhausted!

Sunday morning, Becky and Liam headed back to Red Deer and London took our time getting up. We eventually got dressed and headed to Starbucks for a treat.

Then to a nearby train for a dance battle ;)

He slept for three hours so I used the time to get a 7 mile run in! Mizuno asked me to test three models of their Wave Riser 20's (scheduled for. 2017 release) which was awesome! I was back in bed before London even noticed I was gone. 

We spent the evening watching Lion King (I'm taking him to the show in Calgary this week) at the park and in the bath.

Oh, and we hung his new medal and bib display in his room! He's already ran three races and I have no doubt this will be full soon! He loves running like his mommy!

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm sorry you had to deal with that friend :( but it sounds like you had a great weekend anyways! I must block that weekend off next year and come. It looks like you girls had so much fun! And congratulations on the PR!

  2. Look at that swag!! Congrats on your PR! Glad to hear you have such a supportive network! That's what every woman needs!!