Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend In Review- Latinfest, Baking & Minions!

Today was the first day of my New York Marathon training plan! I had planned to write this post last night but I decided to go to bed early since I had a 5am alarm set. I'll talk more about my training tomorrow.
Friday night, I had plans to have a girls night but ended up deciding to have a quiet night at home. I relaxed on the couch and watched Netflix. It was perfect and just what my body needed after a few last nights.
Saturday morning I was up, and out the door, by 8am for my long run. I had 7 miles planned and decided to take a new-to-me route to switch it up. I wore my new Chase This Skirt (my first time running in a skirt) and loved it! I kept the pace around 9 minute/miles since it was already really hot and windy.

London's dad dropped him off at 10am. Boy, was I happy to have him home after 9 long days!! 

We drove 40 minutes to a pool only to find it was closed. Boo! Thankfully, we found Latinfest and decided to spend a few hours running through the water fountain, in the bouncy castle and dancing on the stage. 

After a nap, we headed to another pool for an hour. It was quite chilly so we didn't last long. We ended the night with supper and some fun at the park.

Sunday morning, we made Rice Crispy squares and watched some cartoons before heading out to Starbucks for a coffee/juice date and to pick out a new book from nearby Chapters. We also checked out a nearby car show.

London didn't want to nap so we headed to the mall to pick up a few things before meeting his dad to see the Minions movie (<so cute, definitely go see it!) London ended up falling asleep just over half way through. Silly kid, that's what happens when you skip your nap!

We ended our weekend with a bike ride to the park and kicked around the soccer ball with some new friends 

How was your weekend?
Have you seen The Minions Movie?
Ever run in a skirt? 

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