Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Training For The NYC Marathon- Week 1 of 16

Even creating the title of this post gave me butterflies in my stomach. I can't believe it's time to start training for my first marathon. 

In September 2013, I ran my first Half Marathon. Since then, I have ran 8 more. 

I am ready for the next challenge. 

I am nervous, and I am excited, but I am ready. I ran my first official run of the training cycle this morning. Each week, I'll take a look back at how my training went and then look ahead to the next week.

Since, I'm in Week 1, I'll save the recap for next Tuesday. This was me at 6 am Monday morning after running 6 miles though!

As I've mentioned before, I'm using the NYRR Training Programs. For $49.00 I received a customized 16 week plan. I am using the Conservative plan (there are Moderate and Advanced options) which has me running 3-5 days a week (each week has a Flex Day which you can use to run or cross-train. My plan is to fit in some strength training (spin, bodypump, weights etc) two to three days a week. I will be taking at least one day off a week sometimes two (which means I'll be doing double workouts some days.)

My Goals (for now)

1. London comes first. Run while he's sleeping (whenever possible) or when he's with his dad. Move around long runs if necessary. Shorter runs <5 miles can be done with him in the stroller or on the treadmill while he plays.
2. Have a healthy training cycle. Listen to my body. 
3. Warm up, Cool down and Stretch after every run. Set aside an extra 15 minutes to do this.
4. Continue with monthly physio, chiro and massage appointments. 
5. Time Goal TBD.  I want to see how I start to feel once I start logging more double digit runs.

My Training Plan:

Each workout is different whether it be tempo, fartleks, hills etc. They also have a pace range for each run to help keep you on track. I did not include my Flex Days above as I'll likely be using those for cross-training.I'm a little worried this plan only has me running up to 20 miles but I've heard that's okay and that momentum will get you to the finish line. Here's hoping! ;)

This Week's Workouts:

MONDAY: 6 miles (Morning)
TUESDAY: 6 miles (Morning)
WEDNESDAY: 6 miles (Morning)
                            1 Hr Spin (Evening)
SATURDAY: 9 Miles (London's Naptime)

So, there is it. My first marathon training plan! Time to put in the work for the race of a lifetime!

Who else is training for a marathon right now?
What's your longest run before a marathon?
How many miles do you usually put on your shoes before you retire them? 

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