Monday, July 20, 2015

Minions (again) Mini Golf and More (Weekend In Review)

I ended up switching my long run from Saturday to Friday, before work, so I could focus on having fun with London this weekend. More on my first week of NYC Marathon training tomorrow.

For now, let's drive in to our weekend recap.

Friday night, I picked London up from daycare and gave him a few choices of activities. He chose Minions. Since he fell asleep half-way thorough it the first time I knew we would have to go again eventually. We headed straight to the theatre, grabbed some popcorn and found our seats just as the previews started. He sat mostly quietly throughout and started crying when the credits rolled because he didn't want it to be over. Yes, I have a sensitive child!

We headed home, snacked on some healthy food and called it a night around 9.

Saturday, was busy. We started off our day mini-golfing. We were the only ones there so we did most of the holes twice. 

Then, it was off to a nearby farm for Strawberry picking. Sadly, they said the berries weren't great so we have to wait another month. Instead, we played with tractors.

Then, it was off to the farmer's market to pick up fruits and vegetables and some snacks for a quick lunch.

We spent the afternoon celebrating my friends' twins' birthdays. 

They have a beautiful home and the backyard had so much for the children to do! 

London was asleep 30 seconds after we left and ended up sleeping for over two hours! We had a picnic in our living and then rode our bikes to the park to burn off some energy. 

We both slept 10 hours!

Sunday morning, we decided to take full advantage of my training plans' rest-day and sat on the couch watching tv. 

While London napped I cleaned and did a load of dishes and laundry. I crawled into bed with him for the last 30 minutes.

When London woke up we decided to make some cookies for his daddy. He's a great helper even if he's a little messy ;)

We didn't leave the house until 4 when we met Jarod at the pool for some family fun! Oh, and we obviously took part in National Ice Cream Day after supper!

It was an awesome weekend but now it's time to get ready for a busy week! Week 2 of NYCM training starts today! 105 days!

How was your weekend? 

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  1. You guys did so many fun things this weekend! Can I join your family? :)