Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 Goals- Review and Checkup

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On to today's post....

On January 1st, I posted a list of my goals for the year.. Since, we're now half-way through 2015 I wanted to take a look back and see where things are at.
My goals for 2015:

1. Set a new half marathon PR
I have run three half marathons this year including PhoenixCalgary and Seattle. Unfortunately, I was injured for Calgary and recovering during Seattle so I didn't PR. I came really close in Phoenix though-- only missing it by 25 seconds! I have three more half marathons on the schedule this year including Seawheeze, LRPS Half and RnRLV. 

Seawheeze and RnRLV are just for fun races so the LRPS, August 29th, is my next chance. If I don't PR, I won't be upset. My focus in on NYC and getting to the start, and finish, line healthy! 

2. Run a marathon
I'm officially registered to run the New York City Marathon November 1st and am in my second week of training. 
3. Step out of my fitness comfort zone
YES! I have been attending weekly BodyPump classes at GoodLife Fitness and I also recently tried Booty Barre, Yoga and Spin!  
4. Take London on a monthly date
Yes! We've gone to the lake, pottery studio, zoo, pool and more! This is an easy one to follow through on because we have so much fun together. 

5. Continue family outings
Yep! We continue to get together every Sunday when we do the weekend "hand-off." Sometimes it is just supper but we usually meet up after naptime and do an activity first (swimming, movie, bike-ride etc.) It's been working great and I'm happy that it's something we can continue.

6. Be a good friend

I've been taking more time to check-in with friends and setting aside time aside to get together and chat or plan phone calls (instead of texts/fb messages) if they don't live nearby. My friends are so important to me so I want to make sure my circle is feeling loved and supported.
7. Learn how to use the bbq
Victory!!! I have used the bbq twice, this year, and both times managed to create delicious meals. I'm not longer intimidated by the process. I just have to learn how to switch out the propane tank now and I'll be fine. 
8. Limit my spending
I would say I've been pretty good at this; however, I did just purchase two running jackets this morning. I spend a lot of money on running/fitness events and activities and less on stuff that doesn't give back to me (if that makes sense?) 
9. Travel to a new city
I haven't done that yet but I'm heading to Providence as part of my NYC trip in October/November!
10. Be happy

I am a pretty happy person and lately I've been feeling lucky too! I have a beautiful son, awesome job, amazing family and friends and am training for my dream race in my favourite city. The rest will come together when it is supposed to.
Feeling healthy and happy!

Do you set goals?
What's one new fitness activity you would like to try?
This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program; however all opinions expressed are my own.

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