Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Training Tuesday- Training For The NYC Marathon

There are 131 days until the NEW YORK MARATHON!!!!


I remember after I finished the NYC Half Marathon in March 2014 I said to my best friend Courtney I would NEVER run a Marathon! I honestly couldn't comprehend doing the half marathon distance twice!! Now, here I am, six half marathons later and ready to tackle this huge challenge! The thought of running a marathon still terrifies me but it's also exciting. If I'm only going to do one marathon (that's all I'm committing to at this point) I may as well do it in my favourite city!

Times Square March 2014

I've decided to sign up for the NYRR Training Program. I did this for the half marathon and loved it. You answer a bunch of questions about yourself, your running history, your goals and then they customize three plans for you. You can choose between Conservative, Moderate or Advanced. The differences include the number of days running and the pace (estimated finish time.)  The plan adjusts as you enter your data plus, because they know the course, they help you train for it specifically.

I chose the Conservative plan for a number of reasons. I can only commit to running four days a week max. I have to work around London and I want to always put his needs, and our time together, first. Also, I really want to spend some time strength training this training cycle. I have some problem areas that need to be worked on. Plus, I'm not sure if I want to push myself (time-wise) or just leave my Garmin at home and really focus on enjoying the experience. 

So, my strength training will consist of at least one Body Pump class at GoodLife Fitness a week plus some addition weight training if I can't make a class work with my schedule. I am also really going to try and take advantage of some local spin classes as my Physiotherapist RAVES about how good they are for runners! I also purchased a used Chariot from one of my girlfriend's this weekend and plan to go on loads of bike rides with London. 

I LOVE Body Pump!

I also plan on taking care of my body with monthly Physio, Chiro and Massage appointments. 

So, my training plan officially starts Monday July 13th!

Until then, I'll be enjoying the freedom of plan-free training and doing my own thing. I do want to keep my mileage around 20 miles a week though.

Here's a first at my first week of training. I'll post my FULL training schedule soon!

Monday, July 13th-  6 MILES RR (Target 52-54 Minutes)
Tuesday, July 14th- 6 MILES RR (Target 52-54 Minutes)
Wednesday, July 15th- 6 MILES AYF 
Thursday, July 16th- BODY PUMP CLASS
Friday, July 17th- OFF
Saturday, July 18th 8 MILES LR (Target 73-76 Minutes)
Sunday, July 19th- OFF 

**RR is Regular Run**
**AYF is As You Feel**
**LR is Long Run**

1. Marathoners, any advice for me?
2. Do you run your long runs alone or with a friend/run club?
3. What exercises do you do to supplement your running?

This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program; however all opinions expressed are my own.

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