Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #23

It's that time again, I'm linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. If you don't know how it works check out her first post. Basically, it's a chance for you to get all your random thoughts out and then link up with others doing the same.

1. I love my new Chariot. London is on a bit of a bicycle strike right now and he thinks he live too far away from the park to walk so the Chariot is perfect! Last night Jarod, London and I went for bike ride and he loved it! I can't wait for more rides together this summer.

2. I use my cell phone as a mirror. This isn't really a new thing since I usually use the camera to touch up my makeup before I go on-air, at work, but now I've started using it to get ready in the morning. I lost my hand held mirror in the move and need something to make sure the back of my hair looks okay.

3. I signed up for my first spin class! A local gym offers Spin 101 class the first Saturday of the month. I am hoping to incorporate spinning into my marathon training so this is a great chance to try it, for free, to find out if I like it. I also purchased a two-week trial membership and signed up for a few Booty Barre classes. I'm really trying to step outside of my fitness comfort zone.

4. I now have two agendas. I love keeping tracking of my appointments on my phone but I actually prefer paper agendas. I have my BeFilled one which I've been using for years and LOVE but wanted something a little smaller I can tuck in my purse. I've downsized purses, as per my Chiropractors request, so my big agenda doesn't work. It stays on my desk and my little travel-sized one comes with me. I have to keep track of London's schedule, my workouts for the week (including Marathon training) bill payments and appointments. What can I say, I'm extremely Type A ;) 

5. I love the time of the day when breakfast is on the table and we have a few minutes before London and I have to rush out the door. Earlier this week, he wanted to "cheers" our orange juice and then hold my hand while we watched Dora.

6. I got my new PHONE!!! I decided to go with the 5s because I could get more storage than the 6 and that's really why I needed an upgrade. I have a LOT of London/running photos/videos ;) I haven't had a lot of time to use it yet but I do like the thumb print feature and the burst camera mode!

7. I wait until it's cheap brow day to get mine waxed. There's a big difference between 18 dollars and 11 dollars. My eyebrows desperately needed some attention but I love to save money! Plus, my bangs cover them up most days so I can wait. I go to Merle Norman and have always been really happy with the service! I tweeted this photo to my friend Danielle to remind her about cheap Tuesday. She loves it just as much as I do ;) 

8. Jo is coming to visit!!!! Bloggers friends are the best friends! I'm so excited to visit with her while she's in Lethbridge!! The last time she was here she introduced me to BodyPump at GoodLife Fitness so I expect we'll probably do something active together this time too! If you don't follow her blog you should. She lives in Canmore and her photos will make you want to pack up your life and move to the mountains! 

9. I joined SnapChat. I have no idea why. Okay, so technically it was a combination of Ange convincing me (without having to say anything) and wanting to creep on more photos and cute videos of Kaitlyn and Shawn B from the Bachelorette. Yes, I'm serious. If you're on SnapChat add me! My user name is: kaellaontherun.  Disclosure: I have no idea what I'm doing yet.

10. I'm really excited for this weekend!!! Saturday a few friends and I are driving to Calgary for the Colour Me Rad 5K! This is my third year doing this fun run and it's one of my favourites!!! I'll have London this year so I'm going to be either pushing him in a stroller or walking the course with him. I can't decide which makes more sense yet. We'll also be meeting up with some local blogger friends too! I can't wait to visit with them again! 

Can't wait to meet up with some of these lovely ladies again!!

I am also going to a baseball game Saturday night and then hoping to take London swimming on Sunday! The weather is forecasted to be in the 30-36 degree (Celsius) range which is awesome!! 

Are you on SnapChat? Leave your username in the comments!
Have you ever done a Colour Run?
Do you pay to get anything waxed? 

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