Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #21

Some weeks the ideas for this post just flow and other times, like today, it's a struggle. Nevertheless, it's time Thinking Out Loud.

As always, I'm linking up with AmandaIf you don't know how it works check out her first post. Basically, it's a chance for you to get all your random thoughts out and then link up with others doing the same.

1. I'm currently sitting on the beach soaking up the sun. Okay, so I'm actually writing this Tuesday but I'm hoping there will be sun greeting me Thursday morning. London and I are heading to White Rock for some quality time with my family.  I'm also excited for some early morning runs in my favourite running spot. 

2. I bought a race photo. Yes, I shelled out 25 dollars to buy ONE photo! In my old house, I shared with J, I had a fitness area/room in the basement with framed photos of some of my favourite races, some plaques and all my medals. While my current basement isn't finished I want to continue to build on that idea and create a motivating space. The photo is from the Run For Women 10K last month where I managed to shave 2.5 minutes off my PR! I can tell how hard I'm working here and it's a good reminder to never give up.

3. I finished my gallery wall! I spent way too much money on printing photos but it is finally done (minus one frame I broke!) I also added new photos to the frames in our main living area and made a mini gallery wall for London in his bedroom (his request) with lots of photos of him with him, his daddy and me doing some of his favourite things. He loves it! I really feel like our house is coming together. Now, I just need our deck built, and some landscaping, and the outside will match the inside!

4. If you have a few minutes read this artcle: 10 Things A Single Mom Wants Her Friends To Know. My friend Becky posted this article Monday night and I had to share it. Do you want to know what hurts me the most? When people say I'm "not really a single mom because Jarod and I have shared custody." There's not an ounce of truth to that. Although my circumstances are different that some people's vision it's still a challenge. I love all the points but, if I had to pick, I would say #4, #5 and #10 are my favourite. 

5. I want to update the main photo on my blog but don't know how. I paid someone to design my blog and need to figure out how to make updates now. I would love to switch to wordpress someday (if only for all the awesome features) and will likely do a re-design then but that's a long way down the road. For now, I just want to update my "about me" photo. I will likely google this as soon as I hit publish....

6. It's almost my two-year blogging anniversary! When I started blogging I never thought it would turn into what it is today. I wanted a place to keep track of London updates, and photos, and then it slowly turned into a running blog. Through my little corner of the internet I've met some many amazing people, many of whom, I can call great friends! Maybe I should do a giveaway to say thank you to YOU for reading!! Stay tuned... 

Alright, time to pack up my stuff, turn on my auto-reply and get out here! Vacation starts now....

(Things may be a little quiet around here for the next week but be sure to follow me on Instagram as I'll be posting there daily (and updating you on my race Saturday!!)

1. Where's your next vacation?
2. Do you buy race photos or skip them?
3. Where's home for you? 

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