Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Best- Weekend In Review

I'm still smiling thinking about how much fun London and I had this weekend!

Friday afternoon, we packed up and headed to a nearby lake for some fun in the sun! We brought along a water gun and had fun eating from the concession, playing soccer and wading out in the nice cool water.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home since the concession closed early and I promised him a treat! 

Saturday morning we were up really early to drive to Calgary for Colour Me Rad with Melissa, June and Danielle. We also got to meet up with a huge group of Alberta bloggers! More on the race coming soon but, despite some traffic issues, it was a blast!

We arrived home around 3:30, showered, and relaxed before heading to a baseball game with friends and coworkers. It was a gorgeous (and very hot) night at the ball park! 

We slept in until 8:30 Sunday morning so we decided to head out for breakfast and then to a nearby lake for the Dragonboat festival. Honestly, we only watched one race. London was having too much fun in the bouncy castles! We must have gone in the three different ones at least a dozen times!

He also got his face painted like a ninja turtle. 

And, couldn't stop looking at himself in my phone camera haha!

We drank lots of water (it was 35 degrees) and had our fair share of cold treats!

It was absolutely beautiful!

After nap time we met up with Jarod to see "Inside Out." It was nice to sit in an air conditioned theatre for a couple hours. I loved the movie. It had a lot of life lessons but was also really sad! I absolutely shed a few tears!

We spent some time in the nearby arcade after.

We continued our tradition of Sunday supper at Jarod's house so I got to cuddle with London while he cooked.

Then, it was time to bring out the play dough and knock over blocks.

I had put off my run all day because of the heat. Since it hasn't cooled down by 9pm I decided to run in my equally hot basement instead. 5 miles while watching the Big Brother premiere. Is anyone else watching this season?

It took me an hour to stop sweating and I chugged three glasses of water! So hot!

Overall, it was an incredible weekend. I love the summer and I love my little man!

I hope you had a great weekend too!! 

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  1. You guys did so much fun stuff this weekend!