Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Weekend To-Do List

This was one of my last "free" weekends, for awhile, so I wanted to accomplish quite a few things. It didn't go exactly as planned but I still got quite a few things done.

Friday night I headed straight from work to a nearby salon, for a pedicure, with Melissa. We spent the 90 minutes laughing and chatting away while we were pampered. It was perfect! I was so happy with how my nails turned out!

I came home to a text that London was sick. He and his dad were camping with friends and he started throwing up shortly after supper. I spent the rest of the night feeling helpless and wishing I was there. I didn't sleep much as I was so worried. He was sick until 5:30 in the morning and they ended up pulling the plug on their trip and heading home.

I was supposed to go cheer at Ladiesfest (a local race) Saturday but ended up staying in bed since I was exhausted from the lack of sleep. I finally got up and decided to go for an easy three mile run to test out my back. 

It wasn't perfect but it's definitely better! I managed three miles before heading home. Along the way, I stopped at a garage sale and found some great deals including REX (from Toy Story) a Cars puzzle and a tent for London! I got all three for 6 bucks!

Unfortunately, when I set the tent up I realized it reeked like smoke! I washed and febreezed the fabric but it still stinks. Bummer! 

Melis and Ian came over in the afternoon and hung my mirror and new light fixture and I painted and waxed some more furniture and hung some photos. My dining room area is now complete and I LOVE it!! 

Sorry about the dark photo! It's better in person!

Saturday night, I watched McFarland and Wild (both amazing!)

Sunday I made myself breakfast, started laundry, cleaned and then started reading a new book  (so funny, I'm almost finished)

I realized I had a bunch of bananas to use so I baked some banana bread and muffins. 

I ended up reading outside before heading out to pick up groceries. I ended up in our local hardware store and grabbed a new photo for London's bedroom. I love this Wayne Gretzky quote!

Oh, and these came home with me too-- so delicious!

I put down my phone for the rest of the afternoon and focused on our weekly family date. Jarod and I took London to the pool and the spray park and then played outside before having supper and walking to the park. I love this tradition!

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend! I'm glad London is back home and feeling better! We are heading on our trip to the beach soon and I want us both to be able to relax and have fun!! 

I hope you had a great weekend!

Any advice for getting the smoke smell
out of fabric?
What's your favourite room in your house? 

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  1. I'm jealous of your pedicure! It's the best way to treat yourself :) The smoke smell is the worst! I have no idea how to get rid of it, but hopefully you can