Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day-Weekend In Review

This weekend had a lot of highs but also a few lows. Father's Day isn't my favourite holiday. This year, isn't any different. My dad and I don't have the kind of relationship I have longed for since him and my mom split up when I was six. I am constantly being disappointed and wish things were different. Thankfully, I have an amazing stepdad who is an incredible father-figure and, besides a few hiccups in my teenage years, has been one of my biggest supporters. Still, my dad is my dad, and I have hope that eventually things will be better. 

I also have Jarod who, after our separation, became the father I always knew he could be. 

London adores him and that is clear anytime I see them together. Today, was no different. Jarod decided to buy him a set of golf clubs and we headed out golfing together! 

London loved hitting the ball (not surprisingly he was a natural) and I got to test out my rusty "skills!" We made it three holes before a storm rolled through and we had to leave.

It meant a lot that he included me in one of London's firsts and I feel grateful we are putting our son's needs first. 

We had supper at my place before Jarod headed home.

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful but productive! Friday night, I came home and cleaned my bathrooms and did all my laundry before I binge-watched Orange Is The New Black (currently on episode 9!)

Despite staying up late, I was up at 7am Saturday to get in a run. I decided on an easy-paced 5 mile loop to a nearby lake it was a beautiful morning and there were lots of other runners outside taking advantage of the weather.

I quickly stretched and showered and headed to my hair appointment. I ended up buying some new makeup too! 

I spent the afternoon running errands, planting flowers and reading my new book. I finished this in two days. It was so good!! 

I am really happy with how my flowers turned out! I only has to call my mom THREE times with questions, haha! She usually comes to visit and does them for me! Now, I just need to get some sod, and my deck built, and the outside will be done! 

I ended up spending most of Saturday night on the phone. I talked to my mom, brother and Courtney. Court has two kids (including a new baby) and I'm busy with work, and London, so most of our communication is via text. She called me after the kids went down (at 9:30) and we ended up talking the for almost three hours! 

We needed it.

Court has the ability to calm me down, talk sense into me and give her honest opinion no matter what. She also makes me laugh, feel like I'm on the right track and that everything will be okay. She is the best and I'm so lucky to have her in my life! I just wish she lived closer!! Time to plan a trip to visit again!

I fell asleep soon after we hung up but was wide awake, an hour later, by a barking dog. It lasted an hour. I slept in until 8 but was pretty tired this morning!

I knew we were going golfing so I skipped my run and headed out to pick up groceries. I also scored an amazing deal on a double chariot from a friend. I see lots of bike rides, to the park, in London and my future! 

Oh, and I decided it was time for a closet overhaul (thanks Jo for the inspirations!) I got rid of HALF of my clothes!! 

They're currently sitting on my spare bed waiting for my friends to pick what they want before I donate them. I got rid of anything that didn't fit, I don't feel amazing in or hadn't worn in the last year. 

Hope you had a great weekend!! 

One highlight from the weekend?
When was the last time you got rid of clothes you don't wear? 
Do you call your mom a lot for advice?

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