Monday, June 1, 2015

Calgary Marathon Pre-Race Activities- Weekend In Review

A few months ago, I was selected as a forerunner for the Calgary Marathon. Basically, I was an ambassador for the race. This weekend, I took park in a lot of activities as part of my role!

London and I headed up to Calgary Friday morning. We stopped at Southcentre mall, quickly, and bought him Buzz Lightyear and a new lulu tank for me.

After that, it was off to the expo to pick up my race packages, officially register London for the kids marathon and speak with the other forerunners.

The expo was pretty good. Smaller than some of the other big city races and mainly booths for other local races. I did walk away with a new jar of stoked oats (yum!) and the official bright yellow "Brooks" Calgary Marathon running jacket though which I'm obsessed with!

At 1 o'clock it was time to speak. I had been a bit nervous about this but it was fine! We didn't have much of an audience and it ended up being more of a conversation between us. 

Friday night, I left London with my dad and stepmom and headed to the VIP event at a place called National. It was fun to get dressed up and meet some of the special guests, staff, sponsors and elite athletes. Plus, I got to hang out with my fellow forerunners. 

I spent the majority of the night also hanging out with Jordan Alicandro and his wife! Jordan was the at-home-winner of this year's Biggest Loser and was running his first half marathon. He is such an inspiration!

Saturday morning  I was up early to head to the Running Room's Friendship Run at Eau Claire. I didn't end up running because my back wasn't feeling great (I did something a couple weeks ago and then re-activated it on Monday) but I did get to meet and chat with RR founder John Stanton! He's got the best job! I loved his advice about eating 2 hours before a race, drinking 500ml in the 1-2 hour period before you run and fueling every 45 minutes because it takes 15 minutes to get into your blood stream. 

I also got to meet some local bloggers that I've been chatting with online for quite some time!! Leana and Kris are just as sweet in person and I wish we all lived closer as I know we would be friends IRL. 

After the run, a few of us headed into the mall for a tweet-up. We gave away Jugo
Juice and socks and took a lot of photos!

I spent the afternoon hanging out at my dad's place and then took London to the park to shake off some nerves.

As we were leaving the park, I decided to stop and fill his stroller tires with air since I would be pushing him on the 5K. Well, after I put air in, I bent over to fold it up and felt something go in my back. I immediately dropped to the ground. I got back up and struggled to lift the stroller into my trunk and drove home crying. I knew my chances of racing the next day were shot. I was angry at myself. I had two chiro, Physio and massage appointments to get me "fixed up" enough to race and then I wrecked it by doing something silly!

My dad and stepmom did everything they could to help. They poured with an Epsom bath, gave me Tylenol 3 and gave me their Tens machine to use. 

We had a big pasta supper and I tried not to think about how much pain I was in. 

Before I knew it, it was 9 oock and time for bed. I put a heating pad one back, set my alarms and prayed for the best. 

I'll recap Sunday's day-of-races soon! Spoiler:I didn't PR and I almost had my first DNF but the highlights were meeting more Alberta bloggers, hanging out with family and friends, pacing one of my best friends in her first race and watching London crossing his first finish line!

Congratulations to everyone who ran this weekend!! 

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  1. So sorry to hear about your back. That's really too bad. Ion glad though, that you had fun meeting all your blogging friends!!! Still a good weekend!!