Sunday, May 10, 2015

Two Days For Mom & My Weekend In Review

I need to start by saying Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful, smart, kind and funny mom! I'm incredibly lucky to have the best relationship with her! Even though we don't live near each other we talk daily (sometimes more times than we should probably admit haha!!)

Tomorrow (Monday) is her birthday. I wish I was there to share a glass of wine, munch on a bag of Twiglets and laugh until we cry. I love you mom. Thank you for everything you do. You have been my biggest supporter and cheerleader and been there through all of the happy and sad times of my life. 

My mom reads my blog so feel free to leave her some birthday love in the comments. 😉

So, let's jump into my weekend.

Friday started with a Physio appointment. I have been going every two weeks and am happy with the progress. He has me doing exercises and stretches every day. I've been trying to do them every other day but it doesn't always happen.

My physiotherapist suggested I get a sports massage since I have extremely tight hip flexors and calves. I'm booked in Wednesday and I'm slightly terrified for how much it's going to hurt!

Friday night, Jarod and I both picked up London and went to Earls for a family supper. It was nice. I came home and binge watched Mindy Project until it was time for bed. 

Saturday, I was up at 7:30 and out the door for Marathon Club. This was peak week so we had 12 miles on the schedule. I started off strong but once we hit one of two HUGE hills my legs were dead. I wish we would have kept our last long run on more of a flat course, since Calgary is relatively flat, but oh well! I ended up chatting with a lot of new runners and the time passed quickly. I was happy to get the mileage in!

After finishing, I found out I had won an Instagram contest from a local business. A few of my friends had nominated me for their Mother's Day giveaway so I went and picked up the gift set which included perfume and hand lotion! Thanks ladies!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for the alarm technician to arrive. It was a three hour time window and he showed up in the last hour. Thankfully, there were no problems with installation and I am happy I decided to get one. 

While he worked, I worked on some projects around the house.

That night, I ended up going to a local police ball with a girlfriend. It was fun to get dressed up, have a delicious meal and visit. I'm trying to take advantage of my London-free by doing things I wouldn't do if he was with me.

This morning, I headed over to Jarod's to bring the boys breakfast (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?!) Ha Ha! London had had a fever all night and that meant we had to cancel our zoo trip. We spent the whole day on the couch watching movies. 

I did get spoiled with Mother's Day gifts and cards!

I snuck out for a run while London was napping but only made it 2.5 K before he was awake and asking for mommy.

After we headed home, we (London insisted on helping) fixed my treadmill (the 100 dollar part finally arrived!!) made some supper and skyped with family. It was a perfect Mother's Day!

Oh, and London wanted to paint too.

He still has a fever but I'm hoping it'll break soon and he'll be able to go to Daycare tomorrow. 

Thank you, again, to my mom, stepmom, and mom friends (animals count) who are my support system! I love you guys so much! I hope you had a great weekend!! 

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