Monday, May 11, 2015

Training Tuesday- 18 Days Until The Calgary Marathon

So, I thought my training was going good until I woke up with a nagging pain in my left foot and some lower back pain. I'm hoping a few days off, and my sports massage Wednesday, will help. This training cycle has had a little bit of everything apparently!

Anyway, let's rewind to last week's training. 

Monday: 1 Hour Body Pump & 3 Mile Run at GoodLife. 

I decided to sign up for a year membership so I plan to make BP a part of my regular routine. I've recruited some girls to come Thursday to try it! I hope they love it as much as I do!!

Tuesday. Nothing.

I skipped Booty Class to cover the Provincial Election. I was standing, in heels, most of the day though does that count as a workout? 😉

Wednesday & Thursay. Nothing.

With my treadmill out of commission I can't run, before work, on days I have London. We did go through my Physio exercises and worked up a decent sweat (ball squats are no joke!)

Friday: 1 Hour Physio

More ball squats, core work, treadmill time and stretching. Oh, and a mini sports massage that made me realize I have extremely tight hip flexors!

Saturday: 12 Mile Long Run 

Last long run of this training cycle with my marathon club. My Physiotherapist wanted me to walk the downhills (because of some weaknesses) and we had a lot of them! I wish we would have had a flatter route to simulate the upcoming race course but I was happy to get the mileage in. It was a beautiful day to run!! 

Sunday: 1.55 Mile Run

London was sick and I tried to sneak out while he napped (Jarod was home with him.) Of course he woke up as soon as I left, asking for me, so I had to book it home. My calves felt really tight so I probably wouldn't have gone much longer anyway. 

I spent the rest of the day, at Jarod's house, with my feet up and my pro compression socks on.

Oh, and in case you missed it in my weekend recap, my treadmill is now working!! I can't wait to start running again before work, and during nap time!! (Once I get my foot and back problems sorted out!)

Who else is running Calgary? 
How's your training going?
Do you prefer running uphill or downhill? 

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