Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #17

Time to link up with Amanda for "Thinking Out Loud." If you don't know how it works check out her first post. Basically, it's a chance for you to get all your random thoughts out and then link up with others doing the same.

1. I made a list the other day of something I want in a life partner. I've learned a lot from my past relationships, especially my marriage, and there are some things that I am not willing to negotiate on this time around. Some of the items include sense of humour, kind, patient, romantic and supportive. Although it's not super important I wouldn't mind if they were a runner or, at the very least, passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. He also has to be okay with me eating a bag of chips and a dozen sour keys during an episode of the Bachelor though ;) 

2. I have five races in the next five weeks. I love this time of year. I love to run but I really love to race. I love everything about it; meeting new friends, seeing how your training paid off and the excitement of race day. I'm doing the Run For Women in Calgary May 24th, then the Half Marathon and 5K distances at the Calgary Marathon May 31st, the 8K Ladiesfest, in Lethbridge, June 6th and then I'm off to Seattle for the Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon on June 13th. I'm constantly adding to my list of Upcoming Races.

3. I am in love with my new shoes. A few months ago (before I left for Phoenix) I got a box in the mail from Mizuno Canada. Inside, was a pair of the new Wave Rider 18's, some compression sleeves, socks, leggings, gloves and a toque. The toque is a little small for my head but everything else fits great! I didn't have a chance to break the shoes in, before Phoenix, but I've been training in them ever since. I've been wearing Wave Riders since I first start running and love them! I can't wait to race in them!

4. My friend Becky wrote a great post about supporting each other no matter what type of physical activity you do. I love everything about this! I posted this photo, about a year ago, and love it. Just because I love to run doesn't mean you have to. Of course, I'll all about trying everything once though (I still need to get my butt to Booty Barre, yoga and spin one day!!)

5. I've watched the trailer for Pitch Perfect more times than I should probably admit. I'm going to see it with my girls on Monday and can't wait! I've seen the original dozens of times and I have big expectations for this one. Plus, you can't go wrong with a girl's night and movie popcorn! Aca-mazing!


6. Speaking of things I'm excited for. Who else is going to watch The Bachelorette this season? My girlfriends and I get together, every Monday, for a viewing party. We do a potluck, with Sangria, and watch the episode chat through the whole episode. Because there are back-to-back episodes this week (four hours of Bachelorette) we're actually going to get together, one night next week, and watch them both. I'm so excited. Oh, and because I'm from Vancouver, I'm obviously Team Kaitlyn. 


7. London will likely need tubes in his ears. My poor little guy has another ear infection. It started with a fever, on Friday, and then turned into a full on cold. He never complains about his ears but the fever is usually the sign that something is wrong. Sure enough, I took him to the doctor on Monday and it was confirmed. Now, we're off to a specialist to see what they think. Since he's allergic to Penicillin he's not on any medication right now. I will do anything to bring this kid some relief. He's insisted on sleeping with me lately and neither of us have been getting much rest.

That's my side of the bed!! 

 8. I may be growing my bangs out. Lately, I've had a love/hate relationship with my bangs. I love the way they look, most days, but then I think it would be easier if I didn't have them. My hair grows really fast so I need a trim every 3-4 weeks! I asked my stepdad (he's always super honest) and he told me he doesn't care what I do with my hair except he doesn't like it straight! Ha Ha! 

Alright, I'm off to take London back to the doctor. Have a GREAT day. If London is better we'll be making a trip to the Zoo (and Ikea) on Saturday! YAY!

1. What quality is the most important in the opposite sex?
2. Team Kaitlyn or Team Britt?
3. Are you going to see Pitch Perfect 2?
4. Bangs or No Bangs?
5. What are your weekend plans?

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